Hamilton demands prosecution of FIA staff

Lewis Hamilton’s big announcement on the F1 revolution and it appears his demands of the FIA now include the prosecution of decision makers deemed to have made an error of judgement – The FIA has recently made a number of changes, including the retirement of Michael Masi and the introduction of a video analysis system, and Lewis Hamilton has spoken out about the FIA’s initiatives and demands more change.

Following the controversy at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the 12th December, the FIA made a number of changes to the Formula One regulations. The body’s president, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, recently announced the introduction of a video analysis system, similar to VAR in football.


Michael Masi, who was heavily criticised for making a number of controversial decisions during the 2021 season, most notably the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix final safety car phase. He has thus been removed from his position as race director. Lewis Hamilton spoke about the changes when he returned to the press on Friday.

“It’s good to see that the FIA is taking action to make improvements.” commends Hamilton,

“Confidence can obviously be lost in an instant. But gaining it is something that is built over a long period of time. Although I didn’t see it coming, yesterday’s initial announcement is perhaps a first step.” says Hamilton.


The British ex F1 Champion isn’t satisfied however, seeing this as a ‘first step’ certainly smacks of a personality who could consider himself bigger than the governing body of his profession. Hamilton continues by saying that “it doesn’t necessarily change everything at the moment. We need to see some real action”.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of his statements is the demand that “holding people to account is the key.” and that he and Wolff will “keep our eye on this and that these changes actually happen, that the rules are applied fairly, accurately and consistently”, in effect the ability to prosecute decision makers during the race when an ‘unfair’ situation arrises.

It’ll be interesting to see if the new FIA president is merely paying lip service to the Hamilton Wolff duo, and actually has the balls to stand up to Mercedes, or if there will be further concessions to placate the powerful Mercedes Benz AMG F1 team.


127 responses to “Hamilton demands prosecution of FIA staff

  1. This site is so anti Hamilton it’s untrue. Statements like he thinks he is bigger than the sport and made up stories saying he has asked for prosecution of the people who made the bad judgement calls. Utter garbage, this site is worse than the news of the world and we know what happened to them

    • I’m sorry, but I used to enjoy Hamilton’s racing skills but he has spoilt this reputation with his attention seeking sulk over the Abu Dhabi race. For once a decision went against him and he behaves like a spoilt brat. Had he forgotten he wasn’t penalised (told to give the place back after leaving the track to overtake in the 1st lap).

      • Hamilton really think he his bigger than the sport, he should take his lost like an adult, he is conducting himself as a spoilt brat, he has too much of an ego,


          • You obviously are oblivious of what you are talking about! Get a life! 8 world titles!!!!’ I rest my case! Idiot

          • @Yolanda, LH was robbed. He was leading the race until the penultimate lap and then Masi executed his evil plan to force the desired outcome of a white boy champion.

          • @Adolf The reason why Hamilton led the whole race was because he didn’t make turn 6 on lap 1 and never gave the position back to Verstappen who made the corner. Funny how LH fans never discuss this🤣

          • I do and it was deemed a legal move given he was driven off track, max fans know all about those tactics

          • And you obviously don’t know what you are talking about with those joke comments making yourself look very silly

        • Hamilton is to F1, what Woods was to Golf, what Jordan was to Basketball, what Nadal, Djokovich, Federer etc were and are to Tennis. Irrespective of his personality, and no matter who you support, the Masi decision decided the outcome of the race and the championship. No one in their right mind can deny this fact.

          • Hamilton being to big for his shoes need to be cut to size before he destroys F1.
            Think it is now time for us to protest against the little ass.
            Whish he retired but also part of his game plan.

          • If Hamilton is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME you would think he could have held off Max for 1 ONE lap. Plus he could have pitted for new tires.and chose not to. If Hamilton and Merc had been penalized for taking Max out of how many races he would have won by a bigger margin

          • Hamilton should be awarded the win . It was a fiddle to help verstappen win the race. Everyone knows it even if Hamilton is not your favourite person.

          • Sure he is! I think you mean the Mercedes car, which was perfected by Michael Schumacher and has been the fastest, most reliable and the best handling car on the F1 starting grid for the last 3 decades.

        • Riiiiiite !!!!!!!
          They got to get criminally investigated at the extinct of the law, for the good of FIA and sport in general. Once again, that was a highway robbery and that’s what you do with crooks and especially “take the money and run” criminals or wannabes !!!

          • Ja sure Bud, Every body choose to forget that Merc and Toto make bad judgement calls, Redbull where on there game, Lewis and his team had the same opertunity than Max ans Redbull, Crying foul after you benefited for years under the same same sircumstances and team orders is pretty Pathetic,

            So was Lewis lucky to win 7 titles defenitly. He will realise that there much better driver’s before him and there will be after him,

            F1 made Lewis,

        • This site is just winding gullible people up with fake quotes attributed to Lewis Hamilton. Either that or the author of this story has major deficiencies in English if they think holding people to account (which Lewis said) means prosecuting them (which Lewis didn’t say)

          • Hamilton is a basic spoilt brat. Credit for 7 titles but he should never have been in a position to win the eigth in 2021. Got away with too many errors against Max eg British GP should have been a disqualification.
            Sour loser, you will get your comeuppance in 2022.

          • And you forget when max parked his car on Lewis’s head at monza ,then walked away without checking if he was OK, sportsmanship at its finest

          • How I must laugh at this Han-Cock guy…. What a blind loser. I think he jerks off on Lewis in his clown-outfit… Hahaha

        • Who is running this site? Winny little b…. Verstapen?
          This site is garbage bias against Lewis. If the shoe was in the other foot, winny little b Verstapen, would have thrown a tantrum right in the spot. But what classy Hamilton did? Congratulate him, when he clearly was screwed. Hamilton has been a nice guy for way too long. Who is Verstapen fooling?, he did not won fare and square. If he had some integrity, he would return the title. But he will not. There will always be an asterisk next to the “winner 2021”.

          • If it had of been the other way around.they wouldn’t be complaining.Mr Hamilton and Toto need to pull there heads in and I hope mercs go down now.they have lost my luck for them

        • Mike pleas. If u believe this story then you shouldn’t watch the sport. Utter nonsense, to plaster opinion as news is bad enough. But that people believe it is worrying.

        • Come back when you have experience what he Hamilton experienced. People like you tend to brush away other people’s feelings and experience as if it doesn’t matter. The whole world saw what you saw, and the general view / understanding was that Hamilton was robbed of the title.

        • This site is complete garbage. Shame you’re hiding behind words. You deserve to be strung up for all your lies and complete manipulation of your readers.

        • You just don’t like the guy and your reasons are that he is trying to make the sport a fairer playing field for everyone

          • 100% agree. Sure these haters have little positive in their own lives so they slag others.

          • If he wants the sport to be fair, he could start by not deliberately knocking competitors off the track. Silverstone he braked 23 metres later than on any other lap to contact MV. Albon he accelerated using 10% more throttle than any other lap. to make contact. Rosberg, Vettel, Massa, have all been hit. In fact he ran into Massa 6 times in 1 season. Practising his technique ?

          • Don’t start saying Hamilton knocks competitors off track, it’s been max’s no1 overtaking strategy since he started

        • I think you are racist with no life at all grow up being the better version of yourself l live the fact that you change we love you even if you are racist

          • Oh dear, this the main problem. Any decision against Hamilton is deemed racist even when that decision is justified. Who remembers the season when Hamilton took Massa out 3 times. When interviewed after the 3rd by the stewards, Hamilton said to press/tv when asked why he was up before the stewards was “perhaps it’s because I’m black”

        • FIA needs to take control here. This is the F1 show and not the Mercedes / Hamilton show. 2021 First real exciting year of racing and congrats to Verskappen. Please keep it exciting. If need be remove the cry Sir Baby!

          • Unless people agrees with Hamilton…they are all racist…spoken like a true BLM actor.

        • How nasty all of you are!!! Was any comment made a Crashstappen stormed off the podiums the Saudi Arabian 2021 race, or even worse, the crash between Crashtappen in Monza, where he did not check to see if a fellow driver was ok, or did he not notice the wheels were still turnings on Hamilton’s head, disgusting example of sportsman.

          Did Hamilton cry foul there, no he acts with dignity, as he does on and off the race track.

          If you have brains, NASTY is just too polite for you and the rest of Hamilton haters.

        • So, you are not questioning why Masi was reshuffled, instead you continue to attack Hamilton? Hamilton will continue to get justice and there is nothing you are going to do you IDIOT!

        • Hamilton demands? Isn’t he just there to drive a car that happens to be better than all the others. Then gets tearful, diddums when loses. Pity he didn’t retire.

        • Seriously? The same man who has had the BEST, FASTEST, MOST RELIABLE and BEST HANDLING car for the last 3 decades …is trying to make the sport fair for everyone…lol

          • You obviously don’t know what a formula racing is? It the whole point that teams are free, within certain rules, to develope and improve their car. If everyone else is slower and less reliable, then that is their fault, not Mercedes. History will show that for at least the last 30 years in F1, there has always been a standout team that is better in these aspects than everyone else. If you don’t like this then follow some series racing like nascar

      • Oh my gosh…where did you get that from?
        Why do you hate and want others to hate someone who has done absolutely nothing to deserve the hate.

        Do you realise you can be sued for spreading malicious content….content intended to cause hate

        I think good looook at your mirror and reflect really deep in your heart and soul and forgive yourself, something is seriously wrong with you and everyone who actually buys into your bullshit

        • What about Crashstappen at Monza??
          Are you honestly making a statement of “attempted” murder??? You need to be reported and this comment needs to be investigated,

      • He is absolutely the biggest cry baby in all of sport! I would love to see him and Mercedes’ end up in 3rd or 4th and then watch home turn on Toto!

      • Every unbiased spectator could see Hamilton was clearly cheated at Abu Dhabi, what I find so disgusting with people like you and this writer is that he has no right to be heard! How unfair can be people get, for goodness sakes?

        • Collins what about the start of the race were he missed turn 6. But that is not mentioned in your comment. What about all his other wrong doings during the season.

          • Getting barged off track yet again by max, unfortunately for max, as Lewis was in the lead, he went off and was still in the lead, perfectly legal. If max was to use his head in trying to overtake then he would have led and we would have no story to argue over. Max’s fault, you can’t keep barging other drivers off track

    • Hancock is absolutely right. The article is so misleading and biased the writer didn’t even bother to say who wrote it. Pathetic!!!!

    • Its garbage, Hamilton didn’t say anything at all that the headline is suggesting. Its opinionated nonsense again from someone who couldn’t write a true article if his life depended on it.

    • I agree with you 100% on the anti Hamilton and it also seems that they hate mercedes. Plus it seems that they are ok with rules been broken. As they want FIA to stand up against Toto and SLH. Considering that Hamilton was the one that was punished by having his world title stole from him.

    • I’m sorry but he is a Driver…nothing else, good, but a driver. His not a team owner so if he tries to take on that attitude he will be ridiculed ..and justifiable so.

    • You, like Hamilton, are so hurt that Max won it from. Under your nose fair and square, so now you focus on trying to tarnish the amazing Abu Dhabi win with your statements and calls to prosecute people. Hamilton has brought the sport into disrepute.

      • Win implies that some competition took place, under a set of rules, rules that are set and cannot be changed once the said competition has started. As such , the final race result is invalid and max’s F1 championship win will always be tarnished. Max verstappen, fake F1 World champion

      • Agree. No athlete in professional sports has acted like Hamilton. He’s damaged the sport that’s done so much for him. He needs to retire. Go away lulu. F1 does not need you.

    • Not anti hamilton he just needs to put his big boy panties back on and suck it up.
      Its called racing unless you think they should stop in the middle of a race like nascar ( which by the way is not a real race anymore) how would he feel about that!!!!!! Lewis wana comment ??????

    • I am embarrassed for whomever authored this crap. This blog article gives blog articles a horrible reputation. I know that word reputation means nothing to whomever scratch this turd of an article out and posted it.

    • He does think he is bigger than the sport. Another thing is if he want the FIA to be prosecuted then the drivers that break the law on the track and found guilty must be suspended for one race. It works both ways. If you think this site is anti Hamilton then what are you doing on this site.
      It is only Hamilton crying and crying about things. None of the other race drives are carrying on about it.
      He is spoilt and is ruining the sport. He will never be the best racing car driver. Everyone will remember him for his on going crying and complaining

    • 1,give Hamilton his rightfull championship now masi has been sacked because his sacking proves cheating was going on .

    • Hamilton is a piece of s…t driver
      If FIA had favoured him it would have been ok as in the start he went off track that was fine
      He is a joker

      • Let’s be clear here, he was barged off by max in one of his text book overtaking manoeuvres. Let’s hope the FIA is a little less lenient this year when he tries the same tactics

  2. I dont see what would caused you to think that way, without the drivers they won’t be F1, if you done something wrong to your child, then he has all rights to demand your apology and for you to assured him or her it won’t happen again.
    Would you say he or she is bigger than you.
    Have a think before you start typing

    • Unfortunately some fans can’t actually see what was don wrong. They only see their man won a title. And don’t care how dishonest they made the sport. Nor do they care that this piece on Hamilton is fabricated and he has said nothing. But you know what they say that you can’t help stupid.

  3. Can you tell everyone where this “holding people to account is the key” statement came from? Or have you just made it up to fit your narrative?

  4. This site is run by an arsehole.
    I will now unsubscribe and spam this shit.
    Thousands lost the money they wagered on that WDC because of Masi’s fraud.

  5. Who does Hamilton think he is, he’s not bigger than F1. A real champion would get his act together, put his disappointment behind him and get on with new season. Fans want to see racing not sulking when you don’t win all the time.like a spoilt kid!!!

  6. The coming changes to F1 will benefit all teams and drivers. You can all bitch about Hamilton/Merc, but right now no other driver/team has the clout to make the necessary changes to F1 to keep it from becoming another gong show. So let them get it done and we can get on with 2022.

    • This site is so full of hate for Hamilton that it is blatantly obvious that this hatred must be motivated by something more than opinions about his abilities in the car. I firmly believe that the biggest attraction in F1 today is SLH, if anyone doubts this, just look at the furore generated by his silence on retirement. There are those who wish him to retire, why?, what has he done or said since the race (facts please) that should elicit accusations of been a “cry baby” or a sore loser. I firmly believe that if SLH was to walk on water, the haters will say “he is a attention seeker”. I do believe that the author of this blog must be getting some financial reward for writing such biased articles, otherwise I would question his impartiality (putting it mildly). Be careful what you wish, if Mercedes and SLH leaves F1, we would end up with ho hum sport.

  7. Have you ever considered that one day, you could wake up, and not talk utter shit?

    No? Just a thought.

    You really are head clown if the illiterati aren’t you.

  8. Well… If he thinks he is bigger than others and people should be prosecuted… then if I involved in an accident that is his fault, then he should be charged as well for wreckless driving and attempted murder…. involuntary manslaughter if there’s a fatality… just a thought

  9. I’m glad to read at least one article that has the guts to say it as it is. I do hope that FIA establishes its authority and puts him & his in his place. ‘Cos doing anything more would be massaging LH’s & Merc’s giant ego! Masi’s removal as director led them to believe they own FIA, although I think it was more to protect Masi than “punish” him. Further action would taint Max’s championship and he doesn’t deserve that.

  10. This blog and most of the commenters are so pathetic!

    Lewis has said nothing about prosecuting anyone! This whole post is a complete fabrication but these pathetic haters still bitch on and on about something that never happened.

    Commenters are saying that he has been acting like a ‘spoilt brat,’ but how? He literally hasn’t said a word in public for two months, but the salty losers that write this blog still managed to get 10,000 words out of speculating the worst possible scenario about what he ‘might’ be thinking.

    They had no contact from Lewis either! Literally every word they’ve written about him has been completely invented, and often libellous bullshit!

    FFS grow the fuck up!

  11. Fighting on the track between drivers fine but to be manipulated by aggressive team management through a race director who is clearly not up to the job is not racing in anyone book. It the management of F1 that have failed leaving a poor taste in the mouths of true fans.


  13. My god sir loo has gone from a whining 5 yo to a whining 2 yo. “holding people to account is the key” : I agree with that, disqualify him in the silverstone race, where he put a fellow driver in the hospital and give him a bunch of penalty points to start the season with . Ow of course how silly of me that is not what he meant of course…

    Now you can see why MB AG is actually decreasing its share in the team, bad for business. I would not be surpised to see an announcement at the end of the season that the team name will change

  14. Let’s look at a few things. 1) Mercedes’ sabotaged Russell when he was kicking ass in the same car. 2) we have seen Wolff’s true colors when he loses. 3) Hamilton acts like a child with a full time nanny following him like a puppy dog. Mercedes behavior after the last race was no more mature than a nine year old that didn’t get their way. Like most teams they have bent the rules but have had the money to do it in the slickest way. Hamilton can not pass unless it’s under DRS so party time qualifying has been his friend. Not so much this year.

    • He’s been in hiding for 3 months and has said nothing, hiw can he shut up any more? Any stories that he has said anything are just made up

  15. yes we’ll just goes to show Hamilton thinks he and his lapdog Wolf their above the F1 and want rules that suit them now. Mr Hamilton not happy now that tacking the knee is no longer permitted and he cant make the other drivers look like racists.

      • making those accountable, and he did say that to Jonathan Noble, is in effect prosecution. Ask Massi who is now out of his job

      • I agree with you Elizabeth, racism is the root csuse of this. Instigated by Horner all season.That delusional wanna-be F1 driver, is consumed with envy & bigotry towards Lewis.Hense the blatant robbery.
        The FAKE champion needs to return the stolen property. Masi needs to go totally.

  16. This is such garbage. Pure click bait. While I am the most ardent anti-Hamilton fan, there is nothing that he has “demanded” and using a word like “prosecute” simply enrages the reader. Hamilton is in no position to demand anything. He and Wolff are welcome watch F1. But so will everyone else. So that doesn’t put him in any better position that anyone else.

    The writer writes like he’s still in a high school journalism class.

    • LH and Toto are not bigger than the sport they represent. My respect for them has hit rock bottom. They had a chance/ choice to change tyres, which they did not, because wanted to maintain their track position. They have been smart at times, this time not so.
      What a shame to have sacrificed Masi.you never, ever abandon your men.sulayman ,has weakened his authority…see the way new demands are being made.
      It is time that other teams rally around and stand up with some spine.
      Lastly, I hope no one gets hurt badly this year. You can feel the anger boiling, hope it doesn’t boil over.
      Masi was right to say…its called moter sport Toto.

      • Lots of hot air there that failed to address the main issue that the rules were circumvented after talks with red bull, not Mercedes by the way. A change in rules was what ultimately led to max winning, can you not see the implications here rather than just jumping on the anti LH/Mercedes bandwagon that this site propagates?

  17. Racism is why F1 preferred Verstappen to win. Anybody who says otherwise has their head up their shoe.

    • Mercedes wants to run the show and tell fia what to do. Hamilton is a real cry baby and a racists. He lost the championship long before the last race if something went wrong he blames his pit staff even if he made a mistake how many times did he he change his mind after the pits tell him to change tyres Look in the mirror Hamilton u have urself to blame sour grapes

    • It’s got nothing to do with racism. With that argument, than the sacking of Masi,a hard working bloke, will be termed as ‘ a act of reverse racism ‘.when no arguments are left…insert the word racism.

  18. Masi deserved sacking, he screwed up.
    FIA messed up – declaring result, saying the Race director can bend set rules, refusing Merc appeals.
    Even non Hamilton fans can’t tolerate the stench of the outcome of Abu Dhabi.

    So get over yourselves – its not just Hamilton and Merc that wanted this, or in your eyes Hamilton throwing his weight about (only a problem for many cause he’s black).
    Neutral fans who dobt support Verstappen or Hamilton know it was a shite show, and the FIA had to address it to win back some trust and respect.

  19. I love all the LH fans going on about him being robbed, I personally follow a team not an individual driver. Ferrari for me and has been for over 2 decades. What ppl have to realise is formula one has become stagnant and boring, with LH and Mercedes winning year after year, I’ve almost completely lost interest in a sport I loved. I don’t agree with masi’s choices, but to see someone else win the title has been refreshing, and should create an interesting atmosphere to the sport in the coming year.

    • I hear what you are saying but it’s strange that being a Ferrari fan ,you forget the similar dominance that Schumacher held and I too was getting bored with the same old every weekend. In s few years it will be someone else and so it is with F1

  20. If this report is true, the LH & MB have set themselves up to be the ultimate race/rules judges. Why bother with the race?

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