Red Bull expects a big threat

For the 2022 Formula 1 season completely new regulations will come into force to cap the budget of Formula One teams – Thanks to this, Red Bull boss Christian Horner is expecting some surprises for the new F1 season and a big threat.

For many seasons now, Formula 1 has been dominated by Mercedes and more recently Red Bull Racing. But the 2022 season could change all that. This year, new regulations will come into force that will cap the budget of the different teams.

As a result, it’s possible that no team will be able to gain a significant advantage through the development of its car, or that is the purpose of the cap. As a result, the larger teams on the grid such as Ferrari and McLaren will be able to fight for the top spots each race weekend. This is what Christian Horner fears as a big threat, and he expects other surprises too.


“You could see teams like Ferrari, McLaren, maybe even one or two other surprises, come into the regular battle for wins.”

“I think there could be a shake-up in the order, yes, it’s quite possible,” says Horner,

“As I said in Abu Dhabi, very strong teams have not had to deal with a battle for the championship. So you could see teams like Ferrari, McLaren, maybe even one or two other surprises, coming into the regular battle for wins.

“People don’t think about it enough but it’s really a complete reset of the regulations. Apart from the engine, which is unchanged, there is hardly a single part that can be carried over from last year’s F1. It’s unheard of for a very long time,” the Red Bull boss said.




5 responses to “Red Bull expects a big threat

  1. If the engine is unchanged, does it mean that MB will use the same cunning of using an engine every three races and getting away with a piddly 5 place grid penalty? Will FIA continue to turn a blind eye to this mockery of the rules and allow MB to dictate to it as it did for ten years?
    MB could help its driver win against a superior driver only through the ugly exploitation of the regulations.

    • They certainly won’t change for the sake of changing, especially in early-season.
      Realistically, all teams attempt to make through a season within PU element allocations.

  2. Vijay – you seem to forget (conveniently) that a) the same rules apply to everyone, so RB are just as able to drop a new ICU into the pot as Mercedes are, and b) the only reason Max had more of a grid drop was because they changed more components than Lewis’s 5 place drop

    Again, same rules for everyone, just applied differently according to individual circumstances. There is no “ugly exploitation of the regulations” – and its certainly not a new thing

    • Factual you are right. But … The idea to punish the use of a new engine is to force manufacturers to create an engine that is more reliable and thus make the sport cheaper. MB did not have such an engine (it deteriorated after a few races). The almost non-punishment for a new engine made it possible for MB to use this trick. To the letter it is allowed but it is not at all in the spirit f the rules…

  3. What is the point of “going green” F1 is aiming for, if trashing engines is a normal thing? On the top of that the constructors winner is the one that trashed engines the most! What a joke !

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