Lewis Hamilton is back and speaks out

Lewis Hamilton is back in the media, and speaks out – More than a month and a half after losing the F1 world title to Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton has reappeared in public in Los Angeles. And he even sent a message to Mercedes Formula 1 fans for the Chinese New Year.

It has been a month and a half since Lewis Hamilton last appeared in public. It was last on 16th December at a ceremony at Windsor Castle during which he was knighted by Prince Charles. Four days earlier, the man now known as Sir Lewis Hamilton had lost the Formula One title on the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to Max Verstappen after a number of controversial decisions.


Since then, the Mercedes driver has remained silent, not giving an interview since his words after the race on the 12th of December. In addition, he has not published anything since losing his title and has even unsubscribed from all the accounts he followed.

This behaviour casts doubt on his future in Formula 1 less than two months before the start of the new season.


Lewis Hamilton reappears

Finally, Lewis Hamilton has reappeared like the second coming! The Sun has tracked him down in Los Angeles where he is apparently on holiday with friends. Paparazzi have photographed him in the American city, smiling and sipping an iced coffee.

In parallel, Mercedes posted a 5-second message on its Weibo account in which Lewis Hamilton wished his followers a happy Chinese New Year:

“I wish you a happy Chinese New Year. May the new year bring you good luck and everything you wish. This won’t be enough to definitively dispel doubts about his future, but until there is proof to the contrary, Lewis Hamilton is expected with George Russell on February 18th for the presentation of the new Mercedes, five days before the first official test in Barcelona.

It will probably be at this moment that the seven-time world champion will definitively seal his future…




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  1. You call this ‘back’ ?? A total meaningless statement about chinese new year? Seems to me that the toddler has finally noticed that the rest of the world ignores his sulking and now thinks he can just return pretending nothing has happened …

    • Just you wait and see. This is the thin end of the wedge. Soon the politics will start. About how he has been robbed and invectives about Masi, coolly forgetting all the favours done by Masi, even turning a blind eye to Ham’s attempt at manslaughter. Such ingratitude, not to mention lack of sportsmanship.

      It looks to me like an attempt to sweep under the carpet MB’s own blunders and to hang it all on one man.
      And to intimidate whoever is the next race director to take any action against the man and his team.
      A most unworthy 7-time champion.

      • You Lewis haters are so predictable and still churning out the same old tired rubbish, it kills you that Lewis has quite rightly stayed silent as any response from him would have you all in a hateful frenzy. I’ve spoken with Dickey before who claims not to be a Lewis hater yet does a really good impression of one, even calling for the removal of his knighthood. You all love to twist everything around and massacre the truth where somehow Lewis is at fault. Everyone including the other drivers consider that last race a joke and FIA response since even worse, it’s only the Lewis haters like you two that keep on bleating the same old rubbish like sheep without one sign of an original thought.
        It made me laugh out loud when you said Lewis showed such ingratitude and lack of Sportsmanship. 😂🤣How ungrateful Lewis is not to be grateful for all Masi’s help like robbing him of a race he had clearly won. Also in Jeddah where Max drove like a maniac including brake testing Lewis and then lying about it. He could afford to crash and didn’t hide it by attempting to crash into Lewis, Schumacher style. When Telemetry caught him out he showed off like a baby and seeing as the offense was dangerous driving which carries a penalty of disqualification, Masi decided to just give him a time penalty that made no difference as he didn’t want to affect the final race. When officials take the importance of the race over over the rules then they are turning F1 into WWE! It may comes as news to you Lewis haters all living in La La SuperMax land but Lewis was robbed and there hasn’t been such a massive public backlash in F1 history. Behind the scenes the FIA is in turmoil, trying to be seen to do the right thing but not admitting they did anything wrong and are terrified Lewis will quit citing lack of faith in FIA.
        Finally, you talk of intimidating the Race director then what do you think Horner was doing berating Masi over the radio, all Toto was doing was trying to stop Masi making the wrong call and he failed as Masi broke his own rules, twice. Also, the drivers respect Lewis, he may not be universally liked but he is known as being aggressive but fair. Max on the other hand is respected for his talent but is considered reckless with no respect for the other drivers. Due to his reckless approach he has racked up many penalty points and looks likely to get a race ban next season. Your mention of Lewis attempt at manslaughter for which I guess you mean Silverstone, you really don’t have a bloody clue do you. Lewis was in the wrong sure but if Max had taken the approach that Le Clerc did many laps later he could have continued the fight for later which any sensible driver would do but not Max he likes crashing, hence Crashstappen as he is now known. Instead of going wide as Le Clerc did he had the room Lewis didn’t he stuck to his line and caused the inevitable crash which was madness as the crash could have been avoided. The stewards knew this which is why he wasn’t penalised further. Contrast that to when Max tried to take Lewis in a chicane when Lewis was on the driving line, who would do that!! His car then ended up on top of Lewis and had it not been for the Halo Lewis could have died. Max didn’t even check on Lewis afterwards which disgusted many drivers as well as the public.
        You can go on living in your Max is a worthy champion dreamworld but other than you Lewis haters everyone else knows who the true champion is. Next season expect lots of crashes with Crashstappen and then a race ban when his points tot up and then Max sulking and throwing a hissy fit. Also, what a lot of drivers and also ex drivers noticed was that Max panicked in the last four races as Lewis ate into his lead and he had no answer, so just tried to drive into him instead. He drove Max out of sight in Abu Dhabi so if Lewis does return and Mercedes have more power next season, expect more of the same and the FIA wouldn’t dare help Max again.

        • Hey Steve! You’re back. Nice!. I see you also regurgitate your same old arguments. Have you by any chance read the diverse sites that made ‘what-if’-analyses about the 2021 season? And how in every one of them Max came out as WDC as early as Qatar? Who was really ‘robbed’ then i wonder… ?
          And yes… i still claim nót to be a Hamilton hater. He’s a great racer (no GOAT) but his personality has serious flaws. Mea culpa for the typo in my name in the previous comment 🙂

          • Hey Duckey, I did notice the typo but thought it might have been intentional but glad to hear back from you. Unlike the Lewis Haters who I do accept you are not one although you are there bashing Lewis again. Calling him a toddler and sulking, really! We both know that isn’t true and given Max’s childish antics I think you have them confused, Max is a brat everyone knows it. Also, Lewis keeping quiet is for a good reason he isn’t sulking and it is killing the Lewis haters as when he does say anything they will be all over it like a rash. Whatever he says they will slaughter him for it so why bother.
            I may be saying the same things because they are the facts and not the irrational made up rubbish the Lewis haters come out with. As you well know I have many years experience as a driver myself and know many ex drivers who keep me appraised of what is going on. The facts say that of course Lewis was robbed and what Masi and the FIA did was tantamount to criminal. I’m told that the FIA threatened Mercedes to drop their law suit but they were convinced they would win but were then told all that would happen was they would void the race still with Max as champion by winning one more race.
            I don’t bother with statistic sites as they rarely reflect what actually happens. I you look back over last season where early on RB had the faster car and Max built quite a lead going into the break. However, Lewis began to fight back and he won in Mexico with a brilliant move on the first corner and Lewis couldn’t catch him as he was on the wrong tyres. Then it all changed Lewis drove brilliantly to win from P10 and his car had more power. You are right that Max could have won in Qatar but as I said about statistics it didn’t reflect what happened. Max drooped and Lewis won again easily leading from start to finish and Max was worried. Then in Jeddah Max let his worry show by driving like a maniac and nearly taking Lewis out three times as he could afford a DNF but Lewis couldn’t. Brake testing Lewis and then lying about it showed his desperation and he only avoided disqualification because Masi didn’t want to ruin the season finale, going in level on points was priceless but totally against everything racing stands for. With Max in such a dither Lewis destroyed him but then Masi decided to break his own rules twice just to create a better ending! What are we watching now F1 racing or WWE and he needs to go he is a weak link in an already useless governing body, what they need is a total clear out, remove Ecclestones influence and bring fairness back to the sport and if I was Lewis I wouldn’t return until that is done either.
            It’s always good debating with you Duckey, I may not agree but I respect your viewpoint. As for that guy Vijay, I laughed out loud and nearly spilled my coffee when he said Lewis should be grateful to Masi, I guess it takes all sorts even ones in straight jackets

          • That video just proved my point, Le Clerc and Max had lots of space to their left whereas Lewis who was at fault by driving them wide but had little room with momentum moving him left. Le Clerc gave Lewis the room but Crashstappen who likes crashing stayed on a line that would end in a crash instead of doing what Le Clerc did and going a bit wider to avoid a collision, look how much track Max had to play with when they collided. Only a reckless idiot would do that which is why in the pits other drivers regard Max as someone to avoid, just ask Vettel. The stewards reviewed it and despite Horner and Helmet claiming Max was at deaths door to get Lewis disqualified no one with an ounce of intelligence bought it except the Lewis haters who haven’t a brain cell between them. As I’ve said before any experienced and sane driver would avoid a collision at all costs but seeing as Max is neither, expect more crashes and a race ban next season until someone reminds Max he isn’t in Karting any more.

          • I remember 2011, a year in which lewis en massa were the best of friends. A year were lewis had multiple incidents / crashes with massa.
            So where is the Impeccable driver you claim Lewis is Steve Callahan?
            Also the years lewis en Nico where driving against each other in the merc, where not so clean as you would like the world to believe. Many incidents happened.
            So stop calling someone dangerous because there where some crashes. They all have the same killer mentality and are ruthless I’ve necessary. And the pr machine of there teams work overtime to point that out to the public.

          • You really are going to use incidents from 11 years ago to define Lewis current driving record, that is just desperate!! Why don’t you compare Max’s incident record just ask Vettel also Max has so many points from last season from his reckless driving he is facing a race ban next season. Also, the incidents with Rosberg were of Rosberg’s making taking the Schumacher approach. Remember the I didn’t turn into him incident when the video showed him doing just that. I’ve been around racing nearly 40 years and know many ex drivers who all respect Lewis as an aggressive but fair driver whereas Max has the opposite. You are typical of all Max fans that are oblivious to just how dangerous he is, he could have killed Lewis in Monza trying to overtake in a chicane with Lewis on the driving line, which is crazy and dumping his car on top of Lewis, then walking away without checking which was disgusting, what a brat. Max needs to remember he isn’t karting any more as he will really hurt someone one day.

          • Well Steve Max didn’t check on lewis Because lewis was doing his best to reverse his car back in the track.

            It world have been dangerous to come vloer to the car off lewis

            I’m A fan off F1 and hoor that lewis wil BE at the start next month. But I’m tired off the endless tantrum Max is bad and lewis is good. My refering to 2011 is juist to point that out. Borg make mistakes.

          • You probably don’t know this but there is an unwritten rule that drivers help other drivers after an accident regardless of whether they look okay or not if they are still in their car, Max disrespected that and upset a lot of his fellow drivers in the process it shows total disrespect but seeing as he has made a reputation of showing no respect to anyone is why all drivers give him a wide berth. I too am a racing fan and not a fan of Lewis especially but listening to people running him down without knowing anything about him annoys me a lot, listening to idiots saying we are better off without Lewis just shows how little they know. Max is hard to like, he is petulant and arrogant and his ‘I won it fair and square’ is just an insult to the intelligent fans who support F1. He had no answer to Lewis in the last four races and resorted to trying to take him out instead of racing just like Schumacher and Rosberg, he sets a terrible example as a champion elect and apart from the Lewis haters no one regards him so. If he wants to be regarded as champion he needs to win it fairly without help from FIA, I wont hold my breath.


          • I completely agree, Max isn’t trusted by the other drivers because of his total disregard for their safety. He is close to a race ban next season given his penalty points so maybe he will drive with a bit of consideration but given his insanity I don’t expect it. He could have killed Lewis last season if it wasn’t for Halo, overtaking in a chicane with Lewis on the driving line, it was always going to end in a crash but he did it anyway and then didn’t even check on him afterwards, he really is a piece of work and dangerous. Until someone makes him realise he isn’t karting any more he will seriously hurt or kill someone one day.

        • Wasn’t lewis the one celebrating a victory while verstappen was at the hospital..why would max give a fuck about checking on lewis after he took him out and went on to celebrate. It’s all 50 50

          • Firstly, Lewis didn’t take him out, Lewis kept his line as Max tried to squeeze him as he has done many times before and their tyres collided. Lewis didn’t change track at all it was Max with acres of space to his left moving across on Lewis that caused the accident, check the many videos. Secondly, Max was fine but in a vain attempt to get Lewis disqualified Horner made Max go to the hospital and badgered the stewards to disqualify Lewis claiming Max’s could have died. The stewards aren’t stupid but clearly some Max’s fans are. Max has accumulated so many points from his reckless driving last season that if he steps out of line once he will face a race ban next season. So cue Max crashing a lot and lots of sulking and showing off. Max didn’t check on Lewis because he is an arrogant spoilt brat with the maturity of an eight year old, the other drivers know it so just accept it.

      • Yes. Agreed. People with weird names should be hung in public. Discrimination by name should be written in law. Thanks for your valuable contribution Zuze…

    • It will be nice if JUST FOR ONCE, people who come on sites and make comments would have a fathom of an idea about motor racing, instead of regurgitating what they’ve read or heard others speak.

    • Over privileged @rat. I don’t like him one reason is for forcing his option (ie BLM on to people ) and he is so arrogant. I don’t agree with him being knighted for earning millions.

      • Notsure I think sums you up as you don’t seem to have a clear thought in your head so let me help. I’m sure you meant @brat and not @rat and he doesn’t force his opinions on anyone. Lewis experienced a lot of racial issues in his career and it was only his stellar driving that got him through. He didn’t have a free pass like Max he had to fight for everything he got so if he uses his fame to promote something he believes strongly in then why not as hundreds of other sports people do the same.
        Only an idiot would think he was knighted for earning millions, it may have escaped you in your bubble but all top sportsman earn millions nowadays but few break records and excel the way Lewis has. Had the fiasco in Abu Dhabi not happened where Lewis was robbed blind he would be the most successful driver in F1 history, given that Geoff Hurst was knighted for one deed in an unspectacular career I think Lewis deserves it. I would say you are jealous for the lack of success in your own like but I won’t.

      • Prat which is really mild to my real opinion of him. He is racist but seems to forget one of his parents. As for you assuming my character just F@@k off.

        • Wow you have anger issues which I’m guessing comes from being a loser. How can Lewis be racist when he campaigns against racism?? I know Lewis through friends of mine moving in his circle and he is a down to earth guy who loves his parents, what the hell do you know about him. Like any troll keep typing the poison from your basement driven by jealousy of something you will never be, successful, pretty much like all you Lewis haters. I drove a Range Rover by Tower Hill years ago with my wife after a night at the theatre. We hit a demonstration and had to drive through and they hit my car and yelled insults and terrified my wife just because we were in a nice car. I worker hard for everything I have they could do the same but they choose to snipe at people who are successful as they are not and Lewis is an easy target. Do yourself a favour and use the energy that you have for posting vile and hurtful comments into a job and you may be able to leave your basement. The truth hurts doesn’t it

          • Fuck off you wanker. Just for your information I hate formula one crap but Hamilton is a racist and I’m glad he never won last year the arrogant C@ut.

          • How predictable, like I said you’re a moron who has no argument left. You can swear all you like but it doesn’t change the fact that you are a sad loser who is jealous of anyone with more money than them which is pretty much everyone. You keep trolling from your basement but the truth of how sad you are will hit home one day.

          • You have the intelligence of a ham sandwich give it up, you are punching way above your weight. My two year old grandson could do with some interaction but I think he will be far too intelligent for you. If you are going to start swearing again don’t bother and just sod off to your basement.

          • Also, if you knew anything about Lewis his inner circle are all whites. So the next time you post a ridiculous comment at least get your facts right.

        • I don’t need to assume your character, you’re a loser just like all the other Lewis haters just jealous of success and how can he be racist when he campaigns against racism?? I drove a Range Rover through Tower Hill once after a night at the theatre. As we drove through the crowd they banged my car and windows and terrified my wife just because we were in a nice car. I worked really hard for everything I have and you Lewis haters are all the same you persecute him for his success and nothing else matters. Why not direct the energy you have in slating Lewis into a job and you may one day get out of your basement. Also, when you resort to swearing you have nothing else in the tank which means you are a moron.

  2. Did Lewis mention year of the Tiger somewhere in that message or did MB reuse last years message 😉 ?

    Happy new year btw

  3. What disgraceful language.lewis Hamilton is an incredible driver wh would one ge so angry about his success he has truly worked for this form a young age we all can’t have the talent but we can all have passion so instead of saying disgusting things maybe take a leaf out of his book and go for it. You might learn something loser.

    • Well said Fay, these Lewis haters really get my back up and just hate Lewis for his success. As you said, if they applied the same amount of effort in their own lives as they do berating Lewis maybe they would have less to gripe about.

        • Let’s make it 13 then, you are a moron if this is your only contribution to a question that is very relevant right now go and find a site that likes irrelevant meaningless comments. I’m happily retired and have time on my hands and hate it when Lewis haters of I’m guessing you are one talk absolute rubbish, if that’s okay with you.

          • Firstly I’ll say I’m not Lewis’s biggest fan. But I don’t get all this hate towards him either I’m pretty sure he’s a decent bloke away from the track but has been fighting and living in a bubble since 12 yrs of age that would change most of us.
            Do I consider him goat? Hard to know for many reasons like how many of his overtakes were with Drs, a faster car, a slower teammate and the full backing of a seriously good team setup?
            Maybe if we looked back through his early career it’s fairly obvious he’s a very talented racer.
            My own humble opinion( 30 yrs an f1 fan) he could have competed with any of the former greats no bothers.
            I have to admit I was delighted to see max win the championship and still am but when the dust settled and I thought about it i would have been sickened and raging if what happened to Lewis happened to max.

          • It’s nice when someone speaks some common sense, there have been some really good replies in this column except for the toxic bile from the Lewis haters that has become all too predictable. I’m not a Lewis fan either but I’m a huge admirer of his talent and given what he has achieved is the best candidate for GOAT we have had in quite a while. I’ve been around racing for 40 years starting in 100Nat karts and then racing everything from FFirst to TVR’s and Touring Cars. My neighbour was an ex F1 driver so I have many friends some ex F1 drivers who move in the same circles and people that are in Lewis circle. It galls me that people berate Lewis without having a clue about what he is really like and just hate him for his success and his beliefs so as I’m happily retired I write back and set them straight which normally results in abuse. From people I know I can tell you Lewis has massive respect amongst the other drivers, they may not like him but they respect him. Max on the other hand is considered as reckless with no regard for his fellow drivers. If Max had won under fair circumstances I would have been fine with it but the fact is in the last four races Max had no answer to Lewis and resorted to taking Lewis out whenever he got the chance, Schumacher style. Lewis won the last race easily until Masi robbed him of it and that’s what I can’t abide particularly when Max keeps telling everyone he won it fair and square, it was a disgrace and many people in F1 consider it a farce. Delusion obviously sits well with Max and anyone that knows racing knows that Max is a fine driver but Lewis is far better and he is no champion.

        • I appreciate what Steve is trying to do but it’s useless trying to convince a moron. You have to admit that the other guy had almost as many comments, all bs. Seriously Lewis is a racist because he is asking for black people’s lives to matter. I personally hate the movement because dogs and cats lives matter and all these black people are asking for is the same. And guess what, idiots like this are out here saying no it shouldn’t. Keep up the fight Steve, but no point wasting your time on trash.

          • It is so nice when we have intelligent and rational replies and there have been a few on this post but sadly there are so many Lewis haters that just talk the same old rubbish like sheep, not an original thought between them. I’m more of a racing fan than a Lewis fan but I do admire him for his talent and he shows a lot of restraint and maturity unlike Crashstappen who is an arrogant brat and is very hard to like despite his talent, I can’t believe he is still peddling this I won it fair and square nonsense, talk about denial. Like you I can’t ignore it when I see these idiots posting the nonsense they do like go ahead Lewis retire you wont be missed, these people clearly know nothing about racing. losing one of the greatest drivers in F1 because the FIA wanted a better finish has made a laughing stock of the sport I’ve loved for over forty years, I don’t blame Lewis if he walks away but I hope he doesn’t F1 would miss his talents greatly.

        • Its quite a feat to be able to ridicule yourself in just 11 words. You clearly have absolutely no idea of the definition of Virtue Signalling

          For example, you cant be in the group that is “oppressed” AND be a virtue signaller

  4. Please change the F1 rules so that it suits Lewis Hamilton maybe he stands a better chance to win. He had the same opportunity to change his tyres he did not, 5 corners he could not keep Max behind him. Now blame the world for your mishaps…….I don’t hate him he’s a bad loser

    • Of course you being Dutch means you aren’t biased at all 😂 Lewis didn’t come in to change tyres because as any experienced driver would do, he stayed out to preserve his position. Max on the other hand being desperate played the do the opposite of Lewis card, not great strategy just desperation and if you knew anything about racing you would know that. How is he a bad loser by staying silent? If he said anything the Lewis haters would be all over it, staying quiet is the best thing to do and it’s driving the Lewis haters crazy because all they can do is repeat the same old nonsense. I don’t expect you to know this living in the ‘Isn’t Max great’ bubble but Lewis drove the pants off of Max in the final race and was well ahead until Latifi forgot what a steering wheel is for and the SC came out. Horner bullied Masi who then broke his own rules and turned F1 into WWE. The whole world apart from the Lewis haters know who the real champion is and that’s a fact something Lewis haters have trouble with. Oh, and by the way in the last four races Max didn’t have an answer to Lewis and as he couldn’t beat him just tried driving into him like in Jeddah, Schumacher style. He isn’t just a paper champion but sets a dreadful example as well, he is your bad loser. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  5. Click bait headline, fkin discusting publication. Welcome to my ignore list. I ain’t got time for bulshit outlets

  6. A fan spots Hamilton but The Sun and paparazzi tracked him down lol… I am not a fan of the guy but seeing someone break records always makes any event/sport just a bit more interesting. I do hope he makes it 8 and maybe more. It’s always funny & interesting when so many people hate on someone and they just continue out-performing everyone etc😂🤣

  7. Steve… really? That video proves YOUR point?? Did you actually watch it? Pause the video at the moment of the touche. MV is almost at the same spot as Leclerc. He is even leaving MORE space than Leclerc on the right for LH. LH however is far more to the left. When passing Leclerc he was on the curbs. When passing MV he had more than a meter tarmac to spare on his right. This proves LH did this all very deliberately. The link again in case you watched something else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGgpdb2WhRE

  8. I don’t know what’s happening to journalism nowadays, I think true journalism dead in the 1990s, which come back did Lewis do here? I don’t see any come back, come back from what? Well they want to sale an article and definitely they did sale one. If someone is silent it doesn’t mean they went somewhere. Let me laugh at the reporter who wrote this article. He or she must go back to primary school and learn how to write an composition essay.

  9. Never left… Took a break from Toxic social media.
    Any wonder, check out the lame comments in here! 🤣
    The complain when he speaks…. They complain when he doesn’t. What a sad bunch of lame nobody’s. Get a life ffs and stop being infatuated with his.

  10. Steve…. Really? Did you actually see the video? At the moment of the touché (pause the video there!) MV and Leclerc are almost at the same spot. Actually… MV leaves móre space to his right for Ham than Leclerc does. Ham on the contrary, is fár more to the left when passing Max than when passing Leclerc. He was on the curbs when passing Leclerc, while leaving a meter tarmac minimum on his right when passing Max. This video just proves that Ham did this deliberately. In case you watched somethig else, the link again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGgpdb2WhRE

    • Sorry Duckey, I watched it again three times and it only reinforces my point. Yes Lewis was further in than with Le Clerc but he is clearly turning and not changing his line, then look at Max he has miles of room to his left but is still turning deeper into the corner and his rear wheel hits Lewis car. There is no doubt that Lewis was not trying to collide unlike Rosberg his intention is clear and is following his line and doesn’t steer left once. Max on the other hand is doing what has done many times before and squeezes Lewis but misjudged it and their wheels collided. There are are two things that prove this, firstly Lewis doesn’t have a reputation for causing accidents but Max does and secondly the stewards after much pressure from RB went over this tape many times and took no action. The fact remains Max will continue crashing as he doesn’t give a stuff about anyone else than himself, which is the general view in the paddock.

  11. New season the sport will survive without Hamilton or Mercedes for that matter plenty young talent out there

  12. Who fucking cares. Hamilton is a pompous cry baby. I’m sure there’s a line of talented drivers that would jump in that seat in a heart beat. F1 is about as exciting as watching paint dry anyway. Not sure why I even watch it really.

  13. Who fucking cares. Hamilton is a pompous cry baby. I’m sure there’s a line of talented drivers that would jump in that seat in a heart beat. F1 is about as exciting as watching paint dry anyway. Not sure why I even watch it really.

    • Neither do i so don’t bother, try WWE instead that seems more your style. Calling Hamilton a Pompous cry baby shows how little you know or understand and as for not caring to a moron like you losing probably one of the greatest drivers ever wouldn’t be a problem but to real racing fans who don’t have the intelligence of a prawn sandwich know it would be a massive loss. I hear there is a tiddlywinks site so try posting there, you might be out of your depth but give it a try. 😂

  14. Haha 😂, you’re all brilliant guys keep it up. Article is rubbish but the comments are just perfect. Not a LH fan but the man was clearly robbed of the title, MB car was untouchable last few races. Looking forward to the new season 😉

    • Yeah tech that’s wasn’t allowed like every year.
      Second of all robbed?
      Max drove more laps in first than Hamilton even better he doubled it.
      So don’t go around he got robbed he didn’t he just lost.
      I ain’t even going to bring up all the one sided penalties.
      But hey don’t drool too much on your shoes while tying them.

      • Yet another deluded Max fan or Lewis hater living in La La SuperMax land where there was no controversy and Max won fair and square and Max isn’t a reckless idiot it’s the others drivers fault for letting him drive into them 😂You lot always quote stats which nearly always don’t paint the right picture but stats are in Max’s favour so you use them but facts like Lewis beating the pants of of Max in the last four races where Max’s only answer was to try and drive into him don’t count. His new name Crashstappen suits him as he clearly likes crashing. The fact that the stewards gave one sided penalties made me laugh out loud, Lewis spent more time being relegated down the grid than any other driver and unlike Max Lewis isn’t a dirty driver. Also, after lying and then getting caught bang to rights in Jeddah for dangerous driving which is normally a disqualification all the stewards awarded Max was a time penalty as they didn’t want to ruin the final race showcase. Then finally with Lewis way out in front in the final race and Max without a clue 12 seconds back Masi breaks his own rules twice to make Lewis a sitting duck and called it racing which was crap it was Politics which has no place in F1. Also, please don’t mention the tyre change where Lewis did what any experienced driver would do and preserve his position whereas Max was desperate and played the do the opposite of Lewis card. Max may have crossed the line first but only thanks to the FIA who are now in turmoil after the biggest public backlash in F1 history and they are terrified Lewis will quite citing lack of faith in the FIA, Max didn’t win it he was gifted it on a plate by the FIA that’s another fact.
        So you see facts paint the real picture not stats and Max is no more a proper champion than you are. Next time I would let the dog in your picture write the comments as they would probably make more sense!

  15. Wow so was you arm covered in shit when you pulled it from Hamilton’s arse?
    What a shit level of writing school papers do better.

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