Hidden clause: A startling revelation about Lewis Hamilton’s future

A surprising revelation about Lewis Hamilton’s future – In the final Formula 1 Grand Prix of the season, Lewis Hamilton lost out to Max Verstappen, seeing his eighth F1 world championship title slip away.

However, it has since been learned that the British driver could have made a surprising decision for his future had he won in Abu Dhabi last December.


Since losing a huge upset to Max Verstappen in the last Grand Prix of the season in Abu Dhabi, allowing the Dutchman to win his first Formula One world title, Lewis Hamilton has been silent. With the first race of 2022 just under two months away, the British driver has yet to make a statement about his future in Formula One.

While this is a concern for Mercedes and the 37-year-old’s fans, the driver could have left the sport immediately after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix it has since been revealed.



Hamilton could have retired after Abu Dhabi if he had won his eighth title

A source close to Mercedes told The Telegraph that the German team had expected Lewis Hamilton to retire just after his eighth title had he won in Abu Dhabi last December.

A clause in his contract with Mercedes until 2023 would allow him to do so. But since the seven-time world champion lost out to Max Verstappen, he would now have a duty, or risk possible legal action by Mercedes, to continue his run with Toto Wolff’s team.

However, other Mercedes sources have reportedly said that the team will not go that far if Lewis Hamilton breaches this contractual clause. A final source was optimistic about Lewis Hamilton’s future decision:

“It’s all part of the show. The truth is Lewis is going to have a super competitive car this year and he has 50 million reasons to stay [the value of his contract].

“Anyway, if he wanted to retire, he would have said so by now, wouldn’t he? Otherwise he’s just going to make the team sh*t because they’ll be left with no other option.”



4 responses to “Hidden clause: A startling revelation about Lewis Hamilton’s future

  1. MB must be working frantically to make a dominant car as before by exploiting the loopholes, just as they did by introducing new engines that were so powerful that the five place grid penalty was a joke. To stop MB making a mockery of FIA rules and to circumvent this kind of ‘clever’ misuse, FIA should make it a 10-place penalty every time the engine is changed.

    There is a reason why Wolff is do driven to win at any cost, fairness be damned. It is to swell his personal fortunes. There is more to Wolff’s evil than meets the eye.

    • I WAS going to laugh at you. Then I realised you were serious; just a bit of a dumbass.
      So by your reasoning: ‘ there is a reason why Horner was “driven to win at any cost, fairness be damned. It is to swell his personal fortunes. There is more to Mateschitz’s evil than meets the eye.”
      Our resident genius has cracked the mystery: most F1 principals are motivated to go into F1 to spend a fortune and then earn as little as they can.
      Thank God when we travel to watch F1; this EVIL PLAN is concealed from all of us; except you.

  2. Possible, but we’ll never know for sure since he didn’t win through Masi’s manipulation for entertainment’s sake.
    Yes, he indeed would’ve already revealed his quitting intention given how close to pre-season testing we are.

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