Todt does not deny the Ferrari rumour

For several weeks now, the rumour that suggests the arrival of Jean Todt at Scuderia Ferrari as a high profile consultant has been gaining momentum. When asked about the subject, the principal interested party did not deny it.

The information came from Italy shortly before the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi, when a transalpine media outlet announced that Jean Todt would soon be joining Ferrari as a special advisor for the coming seasons.


So far Ferrari has not wished to comment on this rumour, but when asked directly if he could be imagined returning to Ferrari now that he is no longer FIA president, Jean Todt replied: “Speculations are there and will always be there. So, I let them pass,” said Jean Todt on Canal+.

“Then, there is always the beauty of uncertainty, perhaps I will be required to do something else in addition to all this, not permanently, but to give a part of my time, provided that I feel capable of making a certain difference and then that brings me something too.”

It is worth remembering that Jean Todt stepped down as FIA president last week after twelve years at the head of the governing body (three successive terms since 2009). The new FIA president was elected last Friday and it is Mohammed Ben Sulayem who will replace the Frenchman for at least four years.


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  1. Is it me or do i smell the stink of conflict of interests? The same JT under whose supervision Ferrari got away with a non-‘disclosed punishment’ when driving half a season with a cheating engine… 🤔

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