Fernando Alonso’s surprising admission

When asked about his involvement with Alpine’s car for 2022, Fernando Alonso admits that he has not been able to follow it closely because of the uncertainties surrounding the new F1 regulations.

Back in Formula One after two years away from the paddock, Fernando Alonso has just completed a gruelling season, but one that has allowed him to show that he has lost none of his talent at the age of 40.

But the two-time World Champion has no time to rest as he must already look ahead to 2022, a pivotal season for Alpine, which hopes to take advantage of the new regulations to move up in the order. However, Fernando Alonso admits that he has not yet been able to get involved with Alpine’s new car.


Alonso admits little involvement for 2022

“And I’m honest: the development has mostly been done and followed by all the designers and simulations until now.” confesses the Spaniard,

“The new regulations were too restrictive at the beginning, so there was a lot of clarification on what we could do and what we couldn’t do with the FIA and things like that. So it was a new project, a bit strange for everybody, I think.

“So now, from December, January, we will start working in the simulator and hopefully our involvement as a driver will be a little bit more interesting for the engineers and beneficial,”



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