Coulthard refuses to accept Hamilton is F1’s GOAT

Whilst the finale to the 2021 F1 season was highly dramatic with the competition’s Race Director Michael Masi making a sporting decision many find controversial. Yet the claims Lewis Hamilton was ‘robbed’ are absurd and should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

Having watched Formula 1 since the mid 1970’s there have been many years where the title has been decided against the favourite or the driver many considered ‘deserved’ it.


One of my favourite years that shows destiny in F1 is cruel, was 1974, when the season finale at Watkins Glen saw Emerson Fittipaldi and Clay Regazzoni locked together on 52 points.

Jody Scheckter was a possible champion too in third and started the race P2, while Fittipaldi was P8 and Regazzoni P4 on the grid.

Handling problems saw off the Regazzoni challenge and Scheckter was looking good for victory when his car failed and he retired.

This left Emerson, finishing just P4, the world champion. Fate and Failure played their hand.

1950, 1951, 1958, 1959, 1962, 1964, 1967 and 1968 all saw tales of tight competition and tragedy in the realist terms. And the titles were won sometimes by luck, reliability and/or the best driver.


The line of thought post the weekend’s race from some was that Hamilton is the greatest F1 driver of all time and therefore given the circumstances deserved the benefit of the doubt to rubber stamp his status. Yet, the greatest of all time debate has raged since the end of the first decade of the sport and there are many reasons why the British 7 times champion is not in that pantheon of champions.

Most interestingly, one of the sport’s pundits for Channel 4 and ex F1 driver, David Coulthard, was repeatedly asked in a number of introduction segways to the various sessions televised, “Is Lewis the greatest of all time?”.


Now Coulthard has heaped praise over the years on Hamilton, describing him as ‘vital to the sport’s popularity, ‘the best of his generation’ along with many other plaudits. So it was surprising to see Coulthard evade this question each and every time.

The responses included, “up there”, “statistically the best (inarguable)” and several other high praise descriptions, but notably not the greatest of all time.


Now the clamour in the British media and twitter et al for Max to be chucked out has died down and those voices of the ‘few’ have run out of steam, common sense is returning to the Lewis Hamilton debate.

Is it necessary for a sportsman competing in a given era of their chosen profession to even be able to qualify for the title GOAT?

Without doubt, Mercedes have produced the most dominant F1 works car/engine package of all time and recent comparisons to the MP4/4 and other winning championship cars is trite.

Never has a works team in an 8 year era scored so many pole positions, podiums or race wins; and let’s not forget for the 7 years to 2020 the WDC has been won by a Mercedes driver. The only season during this period the championship has gone to the last race has been when Nico and Lewis were both in contention.

Lewis has not always been the best of losers and to see him in tears with his father before graciously congratulating Max Verstappen was for some as equally surprising as the race outcome.

Driven by the apparent obsession of Toto Wolff, this sporting demeanour quickly disappeared into potential legal challenges and threats that both Mercedes and Lewis would withdraw from the sport due to their alleged ‘ill treatment’.


Can we argue the majority of long standing F1 fans were not relieved to see a changing of the guard? No.

Whether Lewis ‘deserves’ 7,8,9 titles is not particularly of interest to anyone other than his ardent supporters.

Yet the fallout from the Mercedes AMG F1 barrister marching into stewards room to threaten the FIA officials with legal action and the subsequent refusal by Wolff and Hamilton to attend the FIA end of season gala, has left many with a sour taste in their mouths.


This website has suggested the team’s co-owners in Stuttgart have reacted badly to Wolff and Hamilton’s behaviour, having spent literally billions developing their Mercedes brand, it is now being trashed in the world’s media for representing bad sportsmanship.

Many readers may be unaware of the issues surround the team pre-2021. Toto Wolff had been threatening to retire or ‘step back’ and Lewis Hamilton was refusing to sign a new two-year contract by all accounts unless Toto signed on the dotted line as team boss as well.

During these elongated negotiations, Daimler Benz reduced their stake substantially in the team because it is felt they had maximized their brand marketing opportunities and to continue to ‘ruin’ the competition in F1 would be counter productive for the automotive manufacturer.


Of course social media is a wild jungle, but posts suggesting the author would never buy a Mercedes having destroyed F1 competitiveness have not been hard to find.

But it is highly likely we will no longer see the brand Mercedes in F1 soon. Contractually they are signed up by name to the 2022 season, but if there is general agreement by the other teams and the FIA/Liberty media, this could be amended.

Hamilton now faces sanctions from the new hard-line FIA president newly elected for breaking a legal obligation and not attending the FIA gala and even if these are a financial slap on the wrist, it again diminishes Hamilton’s standing in the sport from his achievements.

Top UK sports’ pundit, Simon Jordan, is dismissive of the Wolff/Hamilton threats to quit, and tells Lewis to “Suck it up and get on with it.” He adds if he really wants to right a wrong, he should race and prove his point.


Candidly Jordan adds, “There are far greater travesties, far greater injustices in the world, than Lewis Hamilton not winning his 8th world championship”.

And this is probably the crux of the matter. Hamilton sees himself as ‘beyond’ F1 with the various causes he represents. Causes that include oppression and subjugation on a scale that by comparison makes racing life from the age of about 12, look highly privileged.

The debate about GOAT’s will always continue, but personally I think the drivers of the 1950’s to the 1970’s were in a league of their own. Some years a quarter of their number died racing. They genuinely cared for each other as a fraternity and demonstrated sportsman like grace that for example even saw Sterling Moss lose the chance to be a 1 time WDC by fighting his team mates corner against an incorrect stewarding decision.

Are Schumacher and Hamilton in that GOAT league?

Coulthard doesn’t think Hamilton is.



77 responses to “Coulthard refuses to accept Hamilton is F1’s GOAT

    • Totally agree… was willing to scan the article but halfway through the numpty ( sorry) author nails his colours firmly to the mast … he is NOT a Hamilton fan and this comes through loud and clear. Listen … just back off and focus on something else.. maybe your lack of “ journalistic integrity)….? Calling you a journalist is a stretch by the way

      • This is spot on unless of course you’re a Hamiltonphile…. Hamilton is not even in the top 20 of the greatest F1 drivers. But as has been pointed out, he thinks he is.

          • So paradoxical!! You start off by saying that each driver is judged by his achievements of his time in racing, to gauge the goat status or lack of,what was it that made the drivers that have been honored with knighthood stand out? Wasn’t it their race achievements?they all racked up numbers on the racetrack,tell us how David Coulthard a slightly above average driver and a Redbull loyalist is a benchmark to base F1 opinion regarding a Mercedes driver on ?Why don’t get your lazy ass off that keyboard and do some research then comeback and show us some empirical evidence that you base your myopic claims on??

        • Are you for real?. I don’t think so … keep taking the tablets. I’m sure the nurse will bring you breakfast shortly. The author of this article is probably in the next bedroom and you can do some crayoning together later.

        • Come on man not in the top 20 I am by no means a Hamilton fan boy but to say that is ridiculous on the basis the Mercedes don’t finish 1st and 2nd every time Lewis is consistently on a higher level than bottas in the same car I will however hold that thought see how he stacks up against George Russell

      • Totally biased dribble.
        you site example.. Sterling Moss lose the chance to be a 1 time WDC by fighting his team mates corner against an incorrect stewarding decision.
        wakey-wakey how many incorrect Stewards decisions has there been this year??
        And this year is the first time the race director has ever played at being GOD !
        We’re not talking about mistakes were talking about manipulation of the results and breaking the FIA’s own safety car rules.
        I think you’re being very disingenuous towards Lewis Hamilton.
        You say…“There are far greater travesties, far greater injustices in the world” of course there are but these are to do with Dictators – Politicians E.G.. China, Syria, Myanmar, Norh Korea, DCR to name but a few,
        You are specifically talking about sport and to see what unfolded at the Abu Dhabi grand Prix, by denying Lewis Hamilton his 8th world championship through blatant manipulation is injustice.
        ” Hamilton was robbed”

        • Robbed of his 8th my arse…. The true colours of Hamilton fans is really coming out with all the hate towards Verstappen and latifi… Your all disgusting. Not F1 fans but Hamiltonphiles

      • Funny quote from Jeremy Clarkson:-Branding it a “water-cooler event”, he first slammed Lewis Hamilton, before taking on Max, and said: ” [Lewis] is so hilariously on message, he’s off it.”

        The TV personality continued: “He [Lewis] stands there with his serious tax-dodging but knighted face telling everyone to cut their emissions while circumnavigating the globe so that he can race a 1,000-horsepower car that was sponsored by the company that clad the tower at Grenfell.”

        • Hmm..Jeremy Clarkson REALLY FEELS for Grenfell Tower victims.
          And thanks for reminding everyone that Hamilton is not a saint unlike the saintly J. Clarkson himself.

      • If Hamilton had broken down, I would understand the comparison. As he was leading the race comfortably, the Safety car and unusual restart allowed Max to win. Normal restart Hamilton wins behind safety car. No safety car, Hamilton 99% wins.

        • DC have never won a WR so he is in no place to judge as he loves Max which is fine but don’t jump and start judging

    • Your article doesn’t make for good reading , firstly, your talking about tragedies that have cost people the championship , not travesties because what happened to Hamilton was this , he was leading the race by a country mile, and like you’ve pointed out a tragedy happened in the form of a crash but to mess with the rules at a critical point in the race is wrong , people keep banging on about Hamiltons domination and how boring it is but nobody has mentioned Schumachers dominance, or for that matter vettels, people are so fickle . The best driver on the day should have won that race but was robbed by a corrupt institution. I wonder if these same people , including yourselves are going to get bored with verstappens dominance, if it happens that is

    • Indeed Paul. No attempt at impartiality made. As if anything different can be expected from Coulthard, a redbull employee and lifelong Lewis hater.

    • For real, actually where was he educated?
      I bet Sir Jackie Stewart might disagree with this wannabe washed up driver!! Fool.

    • “During these elongated negotiations, Daimler Benz reduced their stake substantially in the team because it is felt they had maximized their brand marketing opportunities and to continue to ‘ruin’ the competition in F1 would be counter productive for the automotive manufacturer”
      This sheep was privy to these negotiations?
      Daimler-Benz invite this numpty to strategy meetings?
      When a man bends over for another man to win the WDC; does his opinion still matter?
      Does what Hakkinen’s botch say about who is or isn’t F1 GOAT figure in discussions?
      Last I remembered; Coulthard is an also-ran.
      MUST be a Scottish thing a la Paul di Resta Loser.

  1. I’m in full agreement with the author. Twenty years ago the FIA would never have allowed a team to dominate as M-B has, without making substantial technical changes. Technical changes stopped teams like Lotus, McLaren, Williams and Ferrari from endless successive championships. Unfortunately a weak, ineffective FIA president in Todt, who seemed to think he was running the United Nations, desperate to get a major mass market auto maker into F1, gave M-B everything they wanted, from a hybrid engine to a token system that strangled other teams development. Viewed in that light Hamilton is simply the best of the 2014 – 2020 era. But the GOAT – hardly.

    • You claim to have watched for 20 years, and say FIA wouldn allow it. Yet don’t think the romance of Ferrari or redbull is the same. You sir are absolutely clueless.

      • Cav did not say he’s been watching F1 for 20 years. He said ‘20 years ago the FIA…’

        I’ve known Cav for some years and know that he was metres away from an accident involving Ricardo Paletti. Never heard of him? Google his name..

        As to the FIA, 20 years ago, ie 2001 when Max Mosley was in charge, he changed rules constantly to stop Ferrari’s dominance.

        Also, to anybody calling Sir Stirling Moss – Sterling – including anyone who claims to have known him personally, his greatness was recognised in spite of not winning the title not because of it.

        To the author, Stirling didn’t lose a title for standing up for his team-mate. He spoke to the stewards of the 1958 Moroccan GP when Ferrari’s Mike Hawthorn had been disqualified from 2nd place for a safety infringement.

        yet Moss gave a different account that reinstated Hawthorn to 2nd place and resulted in him winning the title for Ferrari. Moss was a Vanwall driver…

  2. What a stupid article. You could see the bias right from the beginning. I think the author is grabbing at straws trying to make and thing stick as to the reason to deny Hamilton’s skill. It is always the car when it comes ti Hamilton, when he has bested all and any team mate with the same car. If it was the car, Botta should be winning since Hamilton cannot drive. Rosberg should have not retired since a monkey would win in the Mercedes. Alonso, everyone he’s partnered win should have been better. This is pathetic

  3. Whatever happens is happened we all make mistakes no one is superman in this world so let’focus on to the future and mr coulthard stop making useless comments on Hamilton your time is gone you are not God just concentrate on your ITV commentator leave Hamilton alone you cannot beat his achievement

    • This strange and weird guy is an embarrassment to Scotland!!!
      Let’s ask Sir Jackie Stewart what he thinks of this ridiculous show of jealousy?
      OR MAY I SUGGEST THE racial Prejudice ugly face of an illiterate person who’s been given a platform!!
      Sir Sterling Moss, (I knew personally) said that Lewis will be the best & should expect the likes of this washed up FOOL To show their true colours
      GREEN WITH ENVY, comes to mind!!
      Max is brilliant make no mistake, but he simply didn’t win the championship!!

  4. No doubts on Hamilton’s skills. Whoever saw him fight Alonso in 2007 knows it is not only the car that matters. Verstappen has proved the same from the start of his F1 career. There are zillions of subjective GOAT rankings and a few attempts to approach GOAT from a scientific perspective. OneFormula is another – see
    Hamilton is no. 3; Schumacher no. 10

  5. Well balanced article… Am so glad FIA chose Sulayman as CEO… The other guy.. Bram Stoker or whatever was an obviously Hamilton arse Kisser who stated that he would ‘follow Hamilton’s lead on injustice’…. Max winning was so refreshing.. Here we have a non virtue signalling born racer with no ‘agenda’… and who is undoubtably faster than Sir Loo.. Will be interesting next year as l think Russell will be no pushover

    • Your calling Sir Lewis loo is a clear demonstration of your juvenile mentality, you can’t bring yourself give a comment that can make people ponder and reflect upon ,then again wisdom is not for everyone so even an imbecile that has a keyboard will gladly churn out sewage

    • Totally biased dribble.
      you site example.. Sterling Moss lose the chance to be a 1 time WDC by fighting his team mates corner against an incorrect stewarding decision.
      wakey-wakey how many incorrect Stewards decisions has there been this year??
      And this year is the first time the race director has ever played at being GOD !
      We’re not talking about mistakes were talking about manipulation of the results and breaking the FIA’s own safety car rules.
      I think you’re being very disingenuous towards Lewis Hamilton.
      You say…“There are far greater travesties, far greater injustices in the world” of course there are but these are to do with Dictators – Politicians E.G.. China, Syria, Myanmar, Norh Korea, DCR to name but a few,
      You are specifically talking about sport and to see what unfolded at the Abu Dhabi grand Prix, by denying Lewis Hamilton his 8th world championship through blatant manipulation is injustice.
      ” Hamilton was robbed”

  6. Wonder what the opions would be if Lewis had won the title in the same circumstances, I am sure Crashstappen Horner and Marco would have accepted defeat graciously LOL! NOT 🤬

    • Well said freda, it’s surprising that no one else have mentioned this , as that would have happened and they (red bull ) would have taken it to the courts.They are such bad losers.Just to remind all those max fans( when he walked off the stage in Saudi ) what was that all about,!! I’m sure you all have an excuse for him.Maybe he was desperate for a pee🤣,or maybe he was sulking ☹️

    • very well said Freda !!! Just minus the points from SPA “bad joke race” and Lewis is 2021 champ. This title was definitely stolen

  7. Not great journalism here, a very biased article not based on sport but the bitterness one person has towards a driver.

  8. To all the people crying foul, imagine if Silverstone happened in the last race? Hamilton would have been disqualified, as it was made clear by FIA that a crash would have repercussions.

    So exactly what happened then in Silverstone? Oh right, it was an interpretation of the rules like it has been always. One can’t make 100% airtight rules with no room for interpretation

  9. Wow, the same rhetoric from Anti-Lewis agenda. I really hoped for a well balanced argument as to why David Coulthard made his choice . You wasted my time by deceit through click and bait to sell your agenda. There are people still left in this world who know the difference between right and wrong. Lewis Hamilton was robbed by Anti-Lewis agenda team. Gone are the days when journalists are investigative and provide well balanced arguments to inform the public like the journalist killed by a bomb in Malta (Daphne Galizia) or Sebastian Walker who walked alongside other journalists to reveal the truth about Cholera in Haiti. Some people are drunk with wealth, power and the belief they can do as they please. There were days they were scared of journalists because of the fear of the truth being revealed. Not anymore because there is fault line running through journalism.

    • Indeed. We really watched the entire Formula1 apparatus gaslight us as if we don’t have eyes and can’t conclude on our own what had happened. I feel sorry for the new fans that didn’t get a balanced view and went away thinking that cars crashing isn’t normal in F1, and that a race director can do whatever they please and effectively pick who they want to become champion and that’s allowed. They all covered it up. The fans are the only reason this narrative was challenged at all and I’m proud of them for speaking up when most “journalists” failed to. Whatever that word means nowadays. Big shout out to George Russel and Johnny Herbert. They are the only ones left with integrity. Even Philippe Massa of all people, who has a legitimate reason to hate Lewis blamed it on Masi. Every other pundit that day and Christian Horner blamed latiffi’s crash which got him unnecessary abuse online. Shame on all of them.

    • Kalakuta – you are making the critical error in thinking that this guy is a journalist… he is not. He is just a gob with an opinion and a website

  10. Reading this article in utter shock at the biased drivel and then coming to the comments section and realising that more people disagreed than agreed with it made me so proud to be British and an F1 fan. I would like to remind F1 “journalists” and pundits and ex F1 drivers with envy dripping from their every pore that the greatest ever Formula1 driver will be a multiple tattoos and piercings having, high fashion wearing, half black man with dreadlocks and there is NOTHING any of them can do about it. HAMILTON. Read that name over and over. The generations ahead will remember him and if his work bears fruit like it should, so many like him will join the sport. He’s written down. He will live forever. But please keep fueling him with your hatred. You guys are just as important in his strive for greatness as his fans are. Stay safe. 😘

  11. I think all F1 presenters were told to bite their to tongues. As all F1 fans new and old saw a fixed result by the race director. Coulthard is making these comments to keep us all interested in the sport/business. I for one am disgusted and would have been if it had been the other way round. I am not sure if i will be watching next season especially on channel 4!

    • Total rubbish.. Masi had 15 seconds to make a decision…. How can that be Fixed?… Coulthard, is the best commentator both written and verbal… Unlike Smashy and Nicey on Sky..

      • Coulthard is a has been always was always will be and I’m Scottish and he is only in it for the money like the rest stick to running your hotels coulthard

    • Me too Amanda. Absolutely they were told to stick to a certain narrative. Jolyon Palmer who is usually a straight shooter kind of made a quip about Masi on the F1 TV post race show and was immedietly chastised by Will Buxton( the biggest Hamilton hater) and told him he’d get in trouble for it. I cancelled all my sky and f1tv packages. If there’s a place to watch it it’s on Ch4 where it’s free. No longer paying after this year.

    • Genuinely, if it had been the other way round, I would have felt that Lewis did not deserve the title and would have believed Max the true winner.

  12. Totally agree with Coulthard…
    Drivers of the 1950’s to 1970’s were ‘real’ drivers, with integrity ans sportsmanship….
    Can you imagine drivers of that era, sulking like a spoilt brat if they lost…..
    Hamilton has had the best car for several years, and that is why he has won so many….
    Certainly one could argue that Mercedes has been the greatest most reliable car in the modern F1 era, but not Hamilton……

    • I think Lewis is one of the fastest F1 drivers ,I think he would have given MSC a good run, but he comes across a bit woke and makes out he somehow was underprivileged because his dad worked many jobs to fund his carting as if this is a given right. All this kinda makes me uneasy in the tummy, as the championship , he had the faster car , Mercedes has a part part wizard part ingenuous that gives it more poke like it or not. Honda had no chance except for one guy and as the youngest to ever win ,with no cry baby tactics some strange rules and stuff ,wins the problem I have with Lewis is not that he was robbed of 8 the title but his behaviour gives the impression he thinks max is faster …

      • Alan THE CAR is not FASTER look at Valteri he is a bloody good driver but not always fast and up front. Lewis MAKE THE CAR FAST (so does Verstapen at RB) The title was stolen at SPA Belgium the victory point should never ahd been allowed The race should had been erased from championship. Masi is an “asshole” he should had ordered a restart after all cars set on fresh tyres This was “A BAD JOKE” Hamilton run the all race up front then pace car came in to ruin all the effort !!! NEVER A MASI SHOULD BE IN CHARGE AGAIN

        • Well Masi will be there. So cry me another river. Forget global warming. The Oceans of the world have risen half a metre with the tears of the Hamfosi.

  13. Hamilton the best driver? 🤣🤣🤣 Give me a break!!!
    The Mercedes was the best car of the grid for the last seven years.
    Come on!

    • Hamilton wich I know since gokart had won every category he entered (world champ kart in Japan Rosberg was 9th with so much more money back up) The Mercedes was competitive ALSO becaus Lewis know how to set it up. His feed back is exceptionaly efficient. The break i’l give you whould be for M. Shumy and Todt / Ferrari YES THOSE WHERE CROOKs (ask Eddy Irvine or Barrichello)

  14. Can’t call someone who basically was not threatened in his success for 6 out of the 7 seasons he won the WDC the greatest of all times, can you? So I can only agree. There are drivers that had to fight harder for 2 or 3 championships than Hamilton had for his 7.

  15. When is it needed? When you are white and no one is there to give you any real competition.
    Like all the other wealthy kids with parents who are willing to buy their kids future.
    I think that is what you mean as F1 is Sports and it means the best one wins but that is not the case anymore as none of the rich white competitors can’t stand to lose to a non white competitor.
    Correct me 7 WC and no real challenge to change that stat so why not fix the dam thing

  16. The B.L.M. Murder lover Hamilton, will NEVER be the greatest f1 of all time and NEVER will be. He’s not in any league as 1 of the greatest f1 drivers. It’s pathetic F1 is not racing anymore, i’ve seen many races in my time. I’ve seen drivers that had to be held up, because of how exhausted the drivers were after their races, hamilton has never had that so can’t even come close. the best races i’ve seen was back in the late 80’s early 90’s till the late Senna’s passing. That was when f1 was worth watching.

    • Your comment is stupid, Hamilton as Nikki Lauda or Prost or Fangio, Moss know how to manage their energy. Those guy like Senna ( wich I jogged with in MC) Mansel finish “out of breath” have a different way of managing their phisiologic potential. Hammilton won every category in entered since go kart (world champ in Japan (Rosberg was 9th ni matter haw much THOUSAND Keke spend Lewis was way ahead) GREAT CHAMP NEVER GET OUT OF BREATH

  17. As Latifi will confirm… any critism on LH does not go well with some people. However, i must agree with DC. Goat would he be if undeniably proven he can win with differen materilal under different conditions. And that exactly he has not. All his wins were in a superior car without hardly any resistance. Helped by docile teammates If there ever was any resistance (rosberg, verstappen), he lost. So … great driver? Yes, absolutely. But GOAT? Sorry, just not yet. He must first show some skills in lesser cars and with more opposition.

      • Ok. I give u that. So 1 out of 7 wdc’s he might really have earned. But 1 good season is no ammunition for being goat. He may be one… but he just has a lack of proof.

        And then another little theorie of mine, fueled by lh’s total hiding since abu dhabi… i think he is done with f1 and his plan was to go for it 1 more time, win his 8th, become a legend and then say goodbye to f1 loaded with praise and feelin superduper. Now he has not only no 8th and misses out on all the fame but also he must charge up for another full year he did not want. A year with added uncertainty about his score against russel. And a possible huge risk of destroying his reputation. Fear has struck his heart! Stepping out now is bad, going on and loose is also bad. In his mind, he’s in a loose loose situation now.

  18. All the clowns claiming it was fixed, conveniently forgetting that Bottas took multiple engine penalties before Hamilton got suspiciously fast at the end of the season….

  19. Last time I looked a goat was a smallish bad tempered creature that rams it way through any opposition.

    Which come to think describes our current ‘WDC’ perfectly.

    Best driver of all time is a meaningless discussion. The cars are different, technology is different, the sport itself is different. It’s like comparing apples with baseballs and footballs. All basically round but totally different.

  20. First of all, SPA ridiculous and inadmissible Masi / FIA decision. This race should had been exclude from the tablets.. Second point at the last race all cars should had been pitted by Masi / Fisa in order to put on frech tyres then RESTART for 5 or one lap. . Hamilton won every category he entered since his racing debut (world kartin champ. in Japan / Rosberg was 9th) Verstapen deserve the title;but NOT in those conditions. Hamilton was stolen

    • The referees decision is final. Read em and weep. Liverpool fans have cried for decades over the unfair penalties that Fergusson got by intimidating the referee at Old Trafford to win games.

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