Brawn expresses feelings over Hamilton treatment

Qualifying for the Formula 1 Hungarian GP was marred by a number of incidents, including boos and whistles directed at Lewis Hamilton. Ross Brawn has expressed his feelings on the subject.

The tension surrounding the duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is reaching its peak. After his second place at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hamilton has regained the lead of the championship ahead of Verstappen, who was 9th at the end of the race and who had to retire from the Silverstone GP due to an accident at the first corner.


This intense battle inevitably stirs up the hatred of both camps, especially as the two teams also like to battle it out in the media. Yesterday, this website reported on Verstappens poke at Hamilton’s ‘fake’ lifestyle and friends. READ MORE ON THAT HERE

As a result, during the Hungarian GP qualifying session, Lewis Hamilton was booed by some spectators. It was an unacceptable reaction in the eyes of F1 manager Ross Brawn:

“It’s great to see the fans coming back to the races. It makes a wonderful difference to the event, to have the enthusiasm and noise.

“However, I was disappointed to hear booing for Lewis Hamilton: it has no place in our sport.”




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