Radical new F1 car meant for Silverstone revealed in Italy

This is what the Formula 1 cars for the 2022 season are expected to look like once new regulations are introduced next year’s F1 championship.

This Monday, the Italian website LiveGP.it unveiled the world’s first exclusive the first images of a Formula 1 car for the 2022 season.

From next season, a completely new set of regulations will be introduced in F1, which is touted to give us much more spectacular cars than the current ones, with a full redesign and highly specified aero concept.


The car shown in the images is a show car created specifically to give the public an example of what next year’s Formula One cars will look like, following these new rules.

With simplified aerodynamics, the 2022 Formula One cars will feature ground effect, which is believed will finally allow drivers to follow in the path of another car without turbulence disrupting the downforce, the aim is to ensure overtaking is possible without artificial devices such as DRS.


LiveGP.it claim that the car has been built by The Memento Group, a company that creates motorsport memorabilia for fans, for Liberty Media and F1 to showcase the new car concept during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The idea is to sell the new car concept to the public, and pitch the concept that racing will return to being a genuine spectacle with more overtaking and less reliance on artificial means, something the last decade of F1 has needed to ensure any passing on track.

According to Autosport, DRS will remain for next year but the aim of Formula 1 is to finally rid themselves of the device, something Formula 1’s technical boss Ross Brawn insisted was his aim as soon as he took the role on several years ago.

Reports say that there is optimism for the new cars, if the new car is one car length behind another competitor, the following car now has around 86% of its usual downforce, compared to the 55% it currently experiences.

Pat Symonds, the former chief designer (most notably for Renault), confirmed the idea behind the new aero regulations after he joined Brawn’s team to head up the then 2021 cars (Covid delayed the introduction of the rules to 2022), his interview can be viewed in the media player below.





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