Grosjean makes comment on Hamilton

Now an IndyCar driver, Romain Grosjean continues to keep a close eye on the Formula 1 he knows so well, and recently spoke out about seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton.

Romain Grosjean, a former Formula 1 driver, is now racing in IndyCar. But the Frenchman obviously continues to follow Formula 1 and most of the Grand Prix. 

He recently spoke about Mercedes’ star driver Lewis Hamilton and in particular about his impressive performances, but also about his relationship with the driver. Lewis Hamilton, who is battling with Max Verstappen for the world title this season, is seen by Romain Grosjean as a great driver.

The former Haas driver now tests for the Mercedes Formula 1 team so it shouldn’t be a surprise to hear the Frenchman praise the number 1 driver at the team.


“He doesn’t make mistakes, very rarely. He made one at Imola but he recovered well. But generally in tricky conditions, like in Turkey last year, he was excellent.

“Valtteri Bottas had a nightmare afternoon, but Lewis stayed on track, took his seventh world title and made no mistakes. Every time we’ve been able to race against each other at Lotus it’s been good. ” Romain Grosjean said.


Romain Grosjean moved over to Indycar for 2021 and started his third IndyCar race with Dale Coyne Racing, leading from pole and led the GMR Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motors Speedway for 44 laps before losing the lead to Rinus VeeKay.

“Well, it feels like the good old days when I enjoyed winning races,” Grosjean told RACER.

“In Formula 1, when you don’t have a good car, it beats you up a bit and yes, you lose a bit of self-confidence.


“You don’t know if it’s you or the car, and sometimes you ask yourself, but it was good people around me to remind me what I was capable of.

“I came here as a challenge in IndyCar and also, every decision means it’s a risk. But I came in and I say, ‘look, I want to see what I’m capable of doing. I think I’ve still got it. I can do good’.

“Yeah, this weekend has been gaining proof that they were right. Barber already gave me really good confidence. St. Pete was a touch less competitive. But this weekend, we were definitely on it.”




One response to “Grosjean makes comment on Hamilton

  1. Couple of points, as usual

    1, He hardly “recently spoke out about seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton” – This sort of wording is at best misleading. It creates an impression in the reader of critical comment and overall negativity

    2, Answering a direct question in an interview is also not “speaking out”

    3, How’s about referencing the source of this commentary – F1 Beyond the Grid podcast

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