You will need this piece of paper, if you want to watch British GP

From 16th to 18th July, the Silverstone circuit will host the British Formula One Grand Prix – Last year’s race had to be held behind closed doors due to the pandemic, but with the UK well advanced in vaccinating against Covid-19, circuit officials hope to welcome fans in 2021, but with a caveat.

The UK government has already put in place a plan to ease restrictions, allowing spectators at outdoor sporting events from 17th May – with a maximum of 10,000 people or 25% of the venue’s capacity. Silverstone is fully supportive of the vaccination passports and Covid-19 pre-test for the public to attend the GP.

According to, the circuit, along with other sporting federations and bodies, has written a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnsson and the leaders of the opposition parties. They say that 25% of the capacity is not enough to get out of the crisis.


In this sense, they are open to any possible action, as long as the unrestricted return is considered dangerous for the people present at the events.

Silverstone and the others said:

“This includes exploring how a Covid-19 certification agreement could reduce, and then safely remove, the requirement for social distancing.

“All of our sports can see the benefit of a Covid certification process, allowing more fans to return to their sport safely and as quickly as possible.

“This process must ensure that everyone can access the venue and must include provisions to verify a Covid-19 or negative antibody test alongside the vaccination certificate.

“The final approach must be non-discriminatory, must protect privacy and must include clear exit criteria.”





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