Marko admits discussions between Red Bull and Porsche

Last week, there were reports suggesting that the Volkswagen Audi Group and Porsche were thinking about a possible arrival in F1 under biofuel usage on the grid – Red Bull Racing, which is looking for an engine partner for 2025, could get closer to the German manufacturer.

The development of biofuels in Formula 1 is the solution to avoid an instant switch to all-electricity automotive solutions, a development which therefore still allows the exploitation of thermal engines, and several constructors are already attentive and interested in these new fuels. Formula 1 is not mistaken and thinks that it is a way to attract new engine manufacturers.


Last week, this website revealed that the Volkswagen brand was looking at the new regulations for Formula 1 engines for 2025, and that Red Bull were very likely a team that would work with Porsche.

Who in the VAG group will take the step towards F1, Audi or Porsche? It is with the Stuttgart based manufacturer that Red Bull Racing would start discussions, which Helmut Marko did not deny.


“We are talking, but nothing is set in stone” declared Helmut Marko.

“It is too early to talk about details, but it is no secret that we have had discussions with the manufacturers in the past. We are open to partners.”


Contacted by several members of the media, Porsche remains silent on the story. On the other hand, some say that Helmut Marko is close to several people at Volkswagen, including Fritz Enzinger (Vice President of Porsche Motorsport), Herbert Diess (Managing Director of the Volkswagen Group) and Wolfgang Porsche.

“We can even imagine building a new engine for the new regulations without a partner from the automotive industry,” he added.

“But a partnership with a major manufacturer would of course be the ideal scenario”.


Red Bull has indeed officially launched the Red Bull Powertrains structure to operate Honda engines on its own account for the period 2022-2025. The challenge is great since the objectives are no less than the world title and above all the necessary demonstration that Red Bull can achieve it to hope to keep Max Verstappen for 2022, as Helmut Marko reminds us.

“We simply have to provide Max with a car that is capable of winning, in which case nothing will stand in the way of our collaboration going further” concludes Helmut Marko.



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