VAG on a Porsche F1 engine, for Red Bull?

Porsche and the Volkswagen group would consider entering Formula 1 if the next engine regulations – due to be introduced in 2025 – promoted sustainable fuels.

The BBC reported the words of Porsche Motorsport vice-president Fritz Enzinger, who said that an entry into Formula 1 by the group “would be of great interest if sustainability aspects – for example, the use of electronic fuels – played a role. 


“If these aspects are confirmed, we will evaluate them in detail within the VW group and discuss further steps. ” he added.

“Porsche and Volkswagen AG comply with the constantly changing regulations in all relevant racing series worldwide. 

“This is also the case for the new emerging engine and transmission regulations for Formula 1 from 2025 onwards”.

This could be a great case for Red Bull whose current engine solution involves keeping their Honda going under a development freeze, to be rebranded a Red Bull PU next year. Indeed VAG has always kept an eye on F1 powertrains and a suitable team to run them for many years, since the end of their LMP1 programme.

Porsche’s research and development chief Michael Steiner told Auto Motor und Sport in the recent past that they were “at the invitation of the FIA are participating in the discussions about the future Formula 1 powertrain,” Steiner admitted.

“The team at Weissach is not working on an F1 engine at the moment, but it is working on a high-efficiency engine at the concept level — without a decision about what we are doing with this engine,”



Last year, the FIA delivered the first barrels of 100% sustainable fuel made from bio-waste to engine manufacturers for testing and validation.

Formula 1 sports manager Ross Brawn said the year that the target was a mandatory requirement for 100% sustainable fuels in F1, with the Formula 1 championship of motorsport still aiming to be a net zero carbon sport by 2030.


“Our top sustainability priority now is to build a roadmap for the hybrid engine that reduces emissions and offers a real global advantage for road cars. ” said Ross Brawn in December.

“We believe we have the opportunity to do this with a next-generation engine that combines hybrid technology with sustainable fuels. ”



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