Alonso’s damning report on F1 since his return

Returning to Formula 1 after his departure in 2018, Fernando Alonso was quick to make a grim assessment of a Formula that has not changed in two years – Not enough to lower his ambitions, however.

Although he hasn’t driven on a Formula 1 circuit since his departure from McLaren in 2018, Fernando Alonso will be making his comeback.

For the occasion, the 39 year old Spaniard will settle at the wheel of a car bearing the Renault stamp and drive with an unwavering ambition. In two years of absence, Alonso has had time to switch to other motorsport disciplines, and yet, he has the impression that not much has changed in Formula 1.


An observation that has already come up repeatedly, and which seems to have jumped out at Fernando Alonso, who expects no surprises compared to what he experienced in his last season:

“In 2021, Mercedes will win again, Hamilton will win again. Red Bull will fight for second place, it remains to be seen who will finish third.

“F1 doesn’t seem to have changed much. Same people, same rules. What was strong two years ago is strong today,” Fernando Alonso noted.

“For my part, I am a little different. I wanted new challenges, I have had time to face them and I think I have improved in body and mind.

“And I am more relaxed about what I expect from myself. […] Renault has achieved three podium finishes in 2020, I would like to improve on that. For this year.

“Then we will aim much higher. ”



One response to “Alonso’s damning report on F1 since his return

  1. OK, so just a couple of things, if I may

    1a – this reads as though a bad translation from a published article….. mmmmm?

    1b – and seems far from a “damming report”, more a conversational reply to a question posed. But who would have posed such a question, I ask myself?
    Well, that is difficult to tell, as the source hasnt been given

    2 – What is supposed to have changed? Stable rules = no major shake-ups expected within 2 years (aside from the mysterious drop in Italian performance). Again, seems to be a mere observation, rather than a “damning report”

    Low standards, sensationalism, and clickbait

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