Sebastian Vettel loses more than Ferrari drive, hair shock!

OK, I admit this isn’t exactly Formula 1 ‘news’ as we ought to report, but for everyone who has seen the latest Aston Martin F1 promotional video featuring their latest acquisition in 4-time F1 drivers Champion Sebastian Vettel, the first thing that’s discussed is his hair, or lack of it.

Not that this hair topic hasn’t happened before, back in 2018 whilst driving for Ferrari, Vettel sported a rather interesting hair style having unconventionally shaved off the lower half of the back and sides, presenting with a unique ‘helmet’ hairline.

This time, it appears father time has not been kind to the German Aston Martin Formula 1 driver, and it very much appears Vettel has embraced a sudden case of baldness. 


Somewhat opposite to the rather curious case of Benjamin Button that is Lewis Hamilton, who has the ability to sprout hair where baldness once was, family man Vettel has gone for it and shaved back to reveal a shocking receding hairline.

Hats off Sebastian, maybe he’s shaving off weight to improve the chances of a win in the former Force India / Racing point car.




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