Sainz refuses to change for Ferrari

After two seasons with McLaren, Carlos Sainz Jr. will drive for Ferrari in 2021 with the difficult task of replacing Sebastian Vettel – Freshly arrived in Maranello, the Spanish driver wishes to target his first Formula 1 win.

For the first time since 2007, Ferrari will start an F1 season without a world champion. Indeed, crowned four times, Sebastian Vettel has been pushed towards the exit and will be replaced by Carlos Sainz Jr. who will line up alongside Charles Leclerc.


In 2007, Kimi Raikkonen took at seat for the red team with Felipe Massa, then took the title at the end of the season. It is difficult to imagine the same destiny for the current pair of Maranello because the team is in such a difficult situation and doesn’t plan to fight against Mercedes so quickly.

However, Carlos Sainz Jr. has always had the desire to win and is looking forward to his first Grand Prix victory with Ferrari.


At a Christmas ceremony reported by Marca, the Spanish newspaper, the new driver of the Prancing Horse revealed his ambitions.

“I put on the red overalls and said: this is really happening.

“Every time you dream of Ferrari, you dream of winning, these are words that go together and my dream has always been to win with them, it will be complicated, of course, I will give everything to try and make it happen but there is a long way to go, a lot of restructuring, a lot of improvement with the team to put me in a position to win one day, but this is the ultimate goal and what I will try.

“Being a Ferrari driver is important, but my goal is to stay the same, that’s the key to progress in my F1, and there is nothing and I have nothing that scares me because I won’t continue to be the same”.




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  1. That is a completely deceptive title for this article – Carlos is not “refusing” to do anything. His actual quote is “my goal is to stay the same”. I will not read anything on this site again. – there are plenty of F1 news sites that give accurate articles and ipopinions.

    • some of our authors are non English speaking, this was one of them. A Spanish contributor… I will dearly miss you Clayton 👋

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