Ferrari justifies its decision, Vettel reveals he never stood a chance

After 6 years together, Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari are history – The four time Formula 1 world champion was no longer part of the Scuderia’s plans during this odd 2020 Corona Virus afflicted F1 season.

At 33 years of age, Sebastian Vettel went through the 2020 season in complete anonymity and finished 13th in the Formula One drivers’ standings. Before a wheel even turned in 2020, the Ferrari managers decided to bet on Carlos Sainz Jr. to occupy their second car next year leaving Vettel without a drive for the following year.

Sebastian Vettel decided to join the British team, Aston Martin (formerly Racing Point). 

Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto expressed his confidence in Sebastian Vettel’s departure saying:

“Sebastian Vettel has had a very difficult season this year. He has never felt good with the car, has never found confidence.

“It hasn’t been easy for him. I think that on the whole the decision we made was the right one, looking to the future. It is important for us to try to create a solid foundation for the future and I think the best you can do is to try to create it with two young talented drivers, which we have here today.

“So I am very happy about that”.


Conversely, Vettel has the impression of Leclerc playing in “another league” with the same car without saying the truth in public – that the 2020 SF1000 was entirely developed for Leclerc.

For instance, in Portugal this year, Vettel hinted as to why he’s had ‘such a difficult season this year’ as Binotto puts it:

“At some point you should be lucky and reach the limit. But I never reach it, and if I do, it is with the greatest difficulty.” confirms Vettel,

“On the other side [of the garage], it seems a little easier. I know that I have to deal with the rules of the game, and do what I have to do, but it hurts a bit.”




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