Gobsmacked, for all the wrong reasons

Rate The Race and Driver of The Weekend – Race 15, Sakhir International F1 Race Circuit, Bahrain, 2020

Mean Reader Score: 6.16   Rated   8/15 Races so far this season

Well once again, Bahrain did not fail to hold our attention, but this year, not necessarily for the right reasons.  Scoring  6.16 it is lower than last year’s score of  8.08, which itself was slightly lower than the 8.17 of 2018  and lower than the 7.08, 7.06 and 6.95 of the previous three years.


As usual, Hamilton took yet another pole and won yet another race (no surprise there), but the absolute gobsmacking event which left everyone stunned was the horrendous crash suffered by Romain Grosjean on the first lap of the race.


Having a slight nudge with Kvyat, his car spun off the track, demolished the barriers, split in two and burst into flames. Miraculously Romain was not knocked unconscious and managed to free himself from the blazing wreckage to leap over the barriers and into the arms of the medical team, who had been following behind in the safety car.


Even more amazing is that he suffered ‘only’ slight burns to his hands and feet without any cracked ribs (which had originally been reported). He was swiftly helicoptered to hospital, via the medical centre, where he remained in pretty good spirits and issued an Instagram message telling everyone he was ok.  The race was re-started about an hour and a half later.


As if that wasn’t enough horror for one race, we then had the first of two safety cars as Stroll found himself upside down, underneath his car and had to crawl free  at the re-start followed by another car fire, this time an engine failure on Perez’s car three laps from the end.


Well to be honest, thankfully, the rest of the race was uneventful. However there was some good racing from Sainz as he overtook his future team mate Leclerc; Ocon had a pretty decent scrap with Leclerc as well as with team mate Ricciardo. Perhaps the most gripping aspect of this race was the effect of the double DNFs of the Racing Point cars as they dropped to P4 in the WCC, behind McLaren (who had a double points finish).

Both Racing Point and Mclaren stayed ahead of Renault.

So as they say in posh places, ‘It’s not over till the fat lady sings’


Driver of The Weekend: Split decision: Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz each with  23.5% of Reader Vote

As mentioned above, Carols Sainz put up a pretty good scrap with his future team mate at Ferrari, and Hamilton- well what can be said about Hamilton that hasn’t been said already?


Apart from the lap when he pitted, he led this race from start to finish, setting yet another World Record in number of pole positions won, as well as number of races won.

However, I can’t help feeling that any congratulations offered to any driver this week should definitely go to Romain Grosjean, for getting out of that bloody inferno relatively unscathed.




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