Exclusive interview: Grosjean reveals how he saw death to French TV

Romain Grosjean, who was a victim of a terrible Formula 1 accident last Sunday at the Bahrain Grand Prix, granted an exclusive interview to France’s LCI news channel, during which the Haas driver looked back in detail on this moment that will remain forever engraved in his memory.

“I did not lose consciousness. To get out of the seat, I was able to remove my seatbelt, the steering wheel was gone, probably blown away during the impact. ” explains Romain Grosjean from his hospital bed to LCI interviewers.


“I saw my orange visor, the flames all around me, and it occurred to me that Lauda’s accident [Niki] had happened, I didn’t want to go like that. 

“I had to go out for my children. At the end of the trial, my hands were burned and I had a big sprain, even though I thought I had broken my foot. 

“I was more afraid for my relatives, first of all my children, but also my father and mother, I wasn’t really afraid for myself. I saw death coming, I had no other option but to get out of there. 

The Frenchman obviously saw and reviewed the images of his accident from his hospital room: “Even in Hollywood it doesn’t exist… Even in Hollywood it doesn’t exist,” he says.


“I’ve never seen a crash like that in my life. I was in the flames for 28 seconds, but it seemed much longer to me, even though I tried three times to get out of the seat. After this accident, I am happy to be alive. ”

After this terrible accident, Romain Grosjean intends to get back into his car before the start of the 2020 season to “tell my F1 story in a different way”.



“Even if it’s complicated for my family and friends, it’s a need for me to get back into a Formula 1 car, to see where I am, if I can continue to drive. 

“My little Simon, who is five years old, told me that I had a magical power, a magical shield of love that protected me. The little one drew me a picture. ”


Romain Grosjean believes that the Halo probably saved his life this Sunday: “Without the Halo, I wouldn’t be here anymore. I think Jules [Bianchi] didn’t want me up there. ”

Romain Grosjean is currently being treated at the military hospital in Sakhir and should be released this Wednesday. The Frenchman won’t be able to participate in the Grand Prix of Sakhir this week-end and will be replaced by the Brazilian Pietro Fittipaldi.




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