Ricciardo reveals worries about leaving Renault for McLaren

After a complicated first season with Renault, Daniel Ricciardo has gleaned two podiums this year. The Australian, who will race for McLaren in 2021, thinks about swapping teams with some emotion and worry.

In 2021, a lot of teams will change their appearance and apart from Haas, who had decided to change both drivers, Renault (which will become Alpine next season) swapped Daniel Ricciardo, who had reached the end of his contract, for Fernando Alonso.


At the end of his two seasons with the French team, the Australian experienced a complicated first year, before returning to the limelight this season with two podium finishes to his credit. Whilst his future with McLaren has been decided for a long time, the 31-year-old driver conceded that it was never easy to change teams, and fears how difficult it might be.

“Moving on and leaving the team where you have built up a relationship and worked closely with them is never easy.

“These are not easy decisions and it is not easy to move on. I am a pretty, let’s say, I don’t know if affectionate is the word, but I am an emotional person.

“So moving on sometimes makes me difficult, but I feel that this year has certainly consolidated a lot of what I wanted to get out of this chapter, and out of my career at Renault. ”




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