Rosberg explains how to best Hamilton

Former team-mate of Lewis Hamilton and 2016 World Formula 1 Champion, Nico Rosberg, looked back on his historic win and how he beat the then four-time defending F1 World Champion.

Lewis Hamilton has had another impressive season and won his seventh World Drivers’ Championship title with less than dominant Mercedes this Sunday at the Turkish Grand Prix. A title that places him as a bonafide legend of motorsport, notably equaling Michael Schumacher’s record.


Since 2014, the British driver has exercised a real dominance in Formula 1 with an overtly dominant team in Mercedes, whereas only Nico Rosberg has managed to dethrone him during the 2016 season during this hybrid period.




Now a consultant for Sky Sports, Lewis Hamilton’s former team-mate at Mercedes has revealed the ‘secret’ to beating the reigning F1 world champion.

“To beat him, everything must be 100% perfect, otherwise you don’t stand a chance.

“It requires total dedication, total perfection and the setting of everything over an entire season.

“I was lucky enough to be able to do it all in one season, so I am very, very proud of that.

“The more he wins, the more I understand why it was hard to beat him! ” said Nico Rosberg, during an interview published by The Express.




And yet, for such a remarkable driver in Lewis Hamilton, the British public still finds it difficult to place him as a popular sportsman.

In another article published by the Express, multiple Champion snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan dismisses Hamilton’s achievements due to the unfair advantage he’s enjoyed over the competition when building up his Championships:

The Express says that: “Ronnie O’Sullivan insists Lewis Hamilton cannot be Britain’s best ever sportsman because the Formula One world champion is not on a “level playing field” with his competitors.”



“I think it’s difficult to say where he is [among the country’s sporting icons].” says O’Sullivan,

“A lot of the sports I watch… the people that have done it, you have to look whether it’s a level playing field.

“If you have a car that is going a second a lap quicker than the other cars, in theory all he has to beat is his team-mate [Valtteri] Bottas – who seems to be comfortable and happy playing second fiddle.”

On that basis, it is clear that Rosberg’s opinion is valid as he is one of only a few Hamilton teammates even close, or have beaten, the 7 time Champion (arguably Alonso, Button and Rosberg).




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  1. Plus it helps when the rival’s car fails a few times in one season ……(something that is a true rarity for Mercedes across seven seasons).

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