Hamilton reveals Ferrari talks with Italian media

The prestigious Formula 1 team – Ferrari is a dream for almost every driver. After his seventh world title, Lewis Hamilton talks about his failed bid for a deal with the Scuderia.

The image of Formula 1 has always been associated with the red of Ferrari. And with good reason, the Maranello team has been present in the leading motorsport category since the first season in 1950.


Seven decades later, the Scuderia is still there and, despite difficult years, still inspires passion. Even the greatest rivals of the prancing horse can imagine themselves at the wheel of a Ferrari.

Sebastian Vettel is the latest example of this. Four times Red Bull world champion, the German driver jumped at the chance to join Ferrari in 2015 and will leave at the end of the season. On his arrival, Sebastian Vettel succeeded Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher’s tormentor in 2005 and 2006 and a great rival of Ferrari at the time.





The same fate has often been envisaged for Lewis Hamilton. Now a seven-time world champion like the Ferrari legend, the British driver detailed his past contacts with the Scuderia in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport:

“We were never really close. We’ve had discussions on a few occasions, but we didn’t get beyond the stage of talking about the different options on the table, and they weren’t the right ones.

“But we never got beyond that. Our positions never aligned, I think that timing matters a lot and things never happen by chance. In recent seasons, my contract always expired in a different year from the other drivers.

“In the end, that’s how it turned out”.

At the age of 35, Lewis Hamilton would be on the verge of extending his contract with Mercedes. An association with Ferrari seems more unlikely than ever.







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