Hamilton faces backlash from the public

Lewis Hamilton became a bonafide Formula One legend when he equalled Michael Schumacher’s world F1 title record on Sunday. Despite this, the British are very little in favour of giving him the honour of a Knighthood.

Lewis Hamilton made history in world sport on Sunday by taking the seventh world Formula 1 championship title, a feat only matched once before in its history. The British driver joins German Michael Schumacher as one of the two most successful drivers in their sport. But this extraordinary performance doesn’t seem to have a huge resonance in the heart of the UK population.


According to a survey conducted by the research company YouGov, only 21% of those questioned (out of a sample of 3,067) are in favour of him being knighted. 46% even believe that he does not deserve to be honoured by the Queen, despite the debates surrounding his number one status as ‘the legend’ of British sport in general.


Perhaps a rather incomprehensible disavowal in view of Hamilton’s performance? For many yes, but Hamilton has always struggled to resonate with the UK public, along with a significant proportion of the F1 fandom. 



Before him, many sportsmen and women have been rewarded for their achievements, such as the Scottish tennis player Andy Murray or the athlete Mo Farah, both recently knighted. They now possess the prestigious Sir title before their names.



That said, only seven people have been knighted for their services to motorsport, the most recent being Sir Patrick Head in 2015, for engineering. The last driver to be honoured was Sir Jackie Stewart in 2001, almost 30 years after retiring as a driver.

Further, John Surtees perhaps deserved a Knighthood as both a Formula 1 World Champion, and a Grand Prix motorcycle World Champion, the only person ever to do so. So it could be argued that motorsport, a sport of which the UK excels on the global stage, doesn’t get a fair amount of official recognition within its own borders.

It is true that Hamilton’s drive to take the title was remarkable, achieved despite a car that actually wasn’t class of the field for once. But it cannot be denied that as a sportsman in the UK public eye, Lewis Hamilton is mostly disliked. 







25 responses to “Hamilton faces backlash from the public

  1. For instance, despite multiple nominations over the years, he has yet to achieve the UK Sports Personality of the Year award………………He won it in 2014.

    • 30% of 3000 adults really representative of Britain that, nasty little biased article that suggests he’s unpopular when it’s only with ‘certain’ types of people in reality. Let them keep the Jimmy Savile club to themselves no loss.

      • how is this a nasty bias article. a known public polling website used by many publications for article writing has given a remarkable polling, of which is astonishing to think a record breaker is so unpopular, all we have done is reported on it. Unfortunately you are a typical ‘Hamfosi’ and see bias where there is none

  2. Ultimately, the question is whether Lewis himself expects a knighthood or even cares about one.
    If not, then none of the public debate really matters.

    • Exactly. Despite his excellent achievement, he never even mentioned about eyeing for any sort of recognition outside if the motorsports.
      He just enjoy driving and racing. He don’t have to prove himself any further. No one else in F1 has achieved what he has (except for 7 times WDC by Michael Schumacher).
      To haters, look at it this way. No matter how much you hate/dislike him, he’s living his dream and earning multi million £ every year. And you???

      • As a Lewis fan I find this article astonishing. What bias!!
        He has been an inspiration to all generations, classes and colour.
        It would be unthinkable not to knight him.
        Mrs H J Lewis age 64!

        • There is no bias! TJ13 isnt saying he shouldnt get a knighthood, merely reporting on just how unpopular he is in the UK. which is remarkable

      • Quite,

        He is quoted this week even, as saying that he does not consider himself worthy of such an honour, then reels off a list of “true heroes” that he says are far more deserving than he ever could be

  3. A YouGov survey is not really a useful indicator given how racists actively target these polls. Hamilton is hated by racists either for his extraordinary success or for his activism for multiple causes of justice. But there is no doubt he has instigated the playing of the national anthem more than any other British figure outside the royal family themselves.

    Maybe you should write an article on the curse of British small-minded racism.

  4. Hamilton deserves all the plaudits he gets for his immense talent and achievements as a racing driver. He should not be knighted while he continues to live overseas for tax avoidance purposes. You can not be a part time Brit and expect your country to reward you for it.

    • Bullshit argument
      Jackie Stewart moved to Switzerland in 1968….. just saying

      Besides, how many political cronies are either UK based but have funds stashed in in the Cayman Islands, or are conveniently domiciled outside the UK in tax free zones

      • You miss the point, as most people do, this thread was about Hamilton, but the same principle I would apply to anyone who does likewise. It’s not an argument, it’s a personal view, clearly not shared by the hypocrites who nominate people for awards.

  5. “everyone who dislike’s Hamilton is a racist” utter nonsense from absolute clowns. “England is a racist country” well done, maybe with another billion comments like that someone might listen to you. I dislike Hamilton for the array of childish things and poor sportsmanship he has done and continues to do throughout his career. Also everyone seems to forget how disliked Schumacher was when he was in the midst of his 5 WDCs at Ferrari, but y’all weren’t shouting racist then! Idiots!

    • So many things to pick up on….. however I’ll start with

      “I dislike Hamilton for the array of childish things and poor sportsmanship he has done and continues to do throughout his career”

      Considering its widely reported that the entire grid applauds his achievements, and that all bar a minority of professional journalists salute his sportsmanship, would you care to elaborate….

      ” everyone seems to forget how disliked Schumacher was when he was in the midst of his 5 WDCs at Ferrari, but y’all weren’t shouting racist then! Idiots!”

      Do I really have to point it out…..? I guess I do……..Thats because Michael aint black #facepalm

      • Just to clarify:

        ‘I dislike Schumacher’ isn’t racist, because he’s white,

        ‘I dislike Hamilton’ is racist, because he’s black.

        So any dislike of any black person is racist?

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