Leclerc’s observations for Ferrari in 2021 revealed to the German press

Mired in a difficult season at Ferrari, Charles Leclerc strives to save the company’s most prized commodities, namely it’s Formula 1 reputation.

Although he will be alone at No. 1 next year after Sebastian Vettel’s departure, the Monegasque is expecting another complicated year in F1.


Capable of fighting for victory against the Mercedes last year, it must be said that Ferrari has regressed violently. In this season which was supposed to be the one of consolidation after the positive results in 2019, the Scuderia looks miserable.

Sebastian Vettel, who will be driving in the Aston Martin team next year, rarely manages to grab the points, while Charles Leclerc saves the team’ s fortunes as best he can. The blame for this is a car that has failed too often and that too often comes to ruin the victory hopes of the two drivers. And if the Monegasque thinks he has detected part of the problem, he remains pessimistic for 2021.


In the columns of the German media Welt, Charles Leclerc came back to the problems of Ferrari, with a look of weariness:

“There will be no quick recovery for Ferrari. In terms of performance, I think it will be difficult to perform miracles with this car for 2021.

“I should help keep this difficult phase as short as possible. Of course, having to settle for 5th or 6th place is not what I really want and it never will be. ”

The tone has been set, there is no risk of the Ferraris fighting for the title next year and the situation could eventually irritate the Monegasque. The question is, what choice does he have after agreeing the long term deal with the Scuderia.




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