More evidence on the Hamilton controversy

Controversy around the FIA: Charles Leclerc had made the same mistake as Lewis Hamilton in Spa during the Belgian Grand Prix, but had not been sanctioned… has kicked the anthill by highlighting the inconsistencies of sports stewards.

The severity of the sanctions imposed on Lewis Hamilton by the latter during the Russian Grand Prix has sparked debate on social networks, including this website.


The question now is no longer whether they were too harsh or not on the reigning world champion, but rather :

“Why didn’t they also punish Charles Leclerc a month earlier, when, according to The Race, he had committed the same offense?”


Indeed, during the Belgian Grand Prix, the Monegasque driver was under investigation by the race stewards, who considered that he was riding too slowly during his lap on the grid.

Ferrari had been heard and had explained that the time lost by his driver was due to a standing start practice.


The stewards then closed the investigation without going any further.

However, it turned out that in Spa, Charles carried out his stationary test in an unauthorised area.

He should therefore have been penalised in the same way as Lewis Hamilton.

If the stewards had given him a penalty, then the British driver’s penalty in Sochi would have been totally justified.


This inconsistency raises many questions about the level of competence of the stewards.

Without entering into a conspiracy, a second question was asked by The Race was :

“Why was Charles Leclerc not sanctioned for his action on Lance Stroll in Sochi when for a similar action on Alex Albon at the Austrian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton had received a 5 second penalty?”

These are all questions that cast doubt on FIA’s impartiality.

The Race has also called on the latter to question itself and to introduce a system of permanent stewards, which will hinder so many inconsistencies in the decisions taken against the drivers.


Perhaps’ this is why Hamilton has mentioned post-race that he believed the stewards were ‘out to get him’? It’s not the first time Lewis has used that accusation against the governing body over the years, but more on that story later. 


6 responses to “More evidence on the Hamilton controversy

  1. Firstly – I take offenCe to you speling that word with an ‘s’ – this is a European based sport with an international readership, so I suggest we stick to the British spellings.
    Second – If talking about consistency, why wasn’t Verstappen penalised for running through the first turn when overtaking the Renaults at Sochi? He clearly gained an advantage but nothing was said. This was clearly a dangerous move as demonstrated by Sainz a second later.

  2. They are out to get Hamilton pure and simple because he’s controversial on and off the track and also British black and also too damn good.

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