The Return of Fernando Alonso

Yet again the world of Formula 1 racing is being shaken up. One of the most celebrated drivers in F1 history, Fernando Alonso, is set to return in 2021 after a long hiatus.

Many racing fans from around the world are excited for his return, yet wonder what does he have left to accomplish in this world? Is there anything for him to really come back to? The people closest to him have said he has one goal in mind, a World Championship. 


Alonso’s last year of F1 racing was far from his best. In 2018, he left the McLaren team after years of poor performances with a lot of blame falling on the badly maintained vehicle. Now, he says he has unfinished business in the world of Formula 1. This is by any measure an exciting time for this sport. 



The Legacy of Fernando Alonso

Alonso is one of those rare individuals that was seemingly born to race. He began go-karting at the age of three and this was his first exposure into this world. After winning many national go-karting championships, he eventually graduated to real cars, beginning his F1 career with Minardi in 2001.


It wasn’t long before he joined Renault, the team he is most famous for being a part of. From starting as a test driver in 2002, he became a full driver in 2003, and won two back to back championships with Renault in 2005 and 2006. His career has been sensational and he has many accolades and broken records to his name. He’s coming up on two decades of racing experience, with his return in 2021 marking 20 full years. 

Among fans of racing, Alonso is considered one of the greats of the sport. Like many sports from boxing to poker, you weren’t considered a real pro until you had a nickname. Here in the world of F1 racing, this tradition lives on. With the pedigree that Alosno brings, it’s natural that he has received a few of his own.

Some of the most popular are El Nano, Magic Alonso, and the more infamous Teflonso. The latter comes from the 2007-2009 controversies that seemingly surrounded him. F1 fans might recall the “Spygate” and “Crashgate,” two incidents that may have implicated

Alonso but charges were never brought up against him. Regardless of any controversy, Alonso is beloved by fans and is coming back to F1 with a huge audience ready to tune in. 



Why Now is The Best Time 

As one of the most polarizing racers in F1, Alonso has seen his share of good times and bad. In many ways, he is returning to the sport at the perfect time, in a way that is very symbolic. Over the years of his career, he has had the most magic with Renault, and his return to the team brings a lot of promise. Renault hasn’t had a car on the podium in almost ten years. They are hoping that Alonso can bring them back to their winning ways. 

Alonso has his eye on the prize. It is unfathomable that he would be coming back for any other reason than winning a championship. He has signed a two year contract, and when this is finished he will be 41 years old and much past his prime. For him, it’s now or never. While he has talent that cannot be denied by any fan or racing opponent, a championship does seem like a longshot on paper. 


The Future for This Star

Hopefully Alonso’s return to Renault will be much more successful than his time spent with McLaren. He can bring the skills needed, but Renault has to hold up their end and provide him with a championship calibre car.

With some familiar faces around him, and a team that he once made history with, it at least stirs up some nostalgia and makes us question if he can win another championship before he retires. Regardless of what happens in the twilight of his career, Alonso will always be a favorite amongst F1 fans and will go down in history as one of the true greats of the sport.



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