Alonso provides his proof he would win again in F1

Fernando Alonso, Formula 1 World Champion 2005 and 2006, speaks about the importance of his years during Grand Prix Racing Championships and makes the argument that he could jump straight back into a seat and dominate without issue.

No one stays young forever, age advances inexorably and the sense of risk begins to grow stronger and stronger.  In Formula 1, though, it seems very different. During a live Instagram, Alonso defended one of his main views: in the world of engines, age doesn’t matter. Obviously stating a case that he would still win if given the opportunity.


Ricciardo teasing Alonso’s live Instagram by repeatedly saying ‘I love you’ in Spanish


A very clear example was reported by the Asturian driver:

“In Formula 1, as Räikkönen and Vettel have also reiterated recently, age is not the important thing. The glaring example that we have in Mercedes is proof: Lewis Hamilton, at 35 years old, beat Valtteri Bottas that he was 29”.

“We have also seen it with Carlos in the Dakar, age matters relatively”, sums up Alonso, referring to Carlos Sainz, father of McLaren driver Carlos Sainz jr.

He then added, emphasising his argument: “Of course Formula 1 is more demanding than other disciplines. But, I repeat, the years do not count. Hamilton is 35 years old and is racing against 24 drivers, but he still wins”.

Alonso adds, “The 20 Formula 1 drivers are in theory all really exceptional, that’s why they got there and they are all divided by a few tenths. When I won I had a car good enough to be there.

“However, the races were decided by the fact that I didn’t make any mistakes. Of course it takes talent, but when it comes to pure speed they are all really very similar”.



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