Major boost for McLaren to be revealed over next 3 races

The McLaren team is preparing to introduce some technical changes to its car from this weekend’s Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

After the first three races of the season, the McLaren team is now third in the manufacturers’ standings and intends to continue to make further progress thanks in particular to the ongoing development of its MCL35. A major boost for the team which could help maintain their position.


In this respect, the British team will be introducing a series of upgrades to its car this weekend and will continue its efforts in the next two races at Silverstone and in Spain.

“We came out of the first triplet recognising similar strengths and weaknesses in the car to those we saw in the Barcelona test. ” Andreas Seidl, the McLaren team boss explains.


Andreas Seidl

“That’s good because it allows us to keep our development priorities in line with what we had previously planned. 

“The British Grand Prix will see a continued evolution of the MCL35 with some developments that will be tested over the next race weekend. 

“We have a unique challenge in balancing the upgrades for this year while ensuring that our 2021 car moves forward in parallel, as the only team to change engine partners between 2020 and 2021, our design and planning work for next year is more critical than for the others. 

“Silverstone will be the first high-speed circuit this season and offers a mix of different types of cornering that will provide another useful data point for our car. 

“It is a fantastic circuit and the fluid nature of the high-speed corners, combined with long technical corners at low speed and the need for good efficiency will be a new challenge compared to Austria and Hungary. 

“In the run-up to the second Grand Prix at Silverstone, as well as in Spain, we will have other test elements to add to the car to provide further insights into potential development opportunities for the future. 

“It’s a pretty intensive period at the moment and there’s been excellent work, particularly by the design and production teams, to get all these elements through in a relatively short period of time after the return from downtime and leave. ”




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