Bottas signing closes Mercedes, Haas says yes to Vettel

Maybe a door just opened for Sebastian Vettel? Having lost his Ferrari F1 seat for 2021, the quadruple world champion is going back to the story that he asked for too much money.

“Schwachsinn! ” he is quoted by the newspaper Osterreich, pronouncing a word that is often translated from German as “bull ** it”.

“Money wasn’t a problem at all. If I just wanted to top up my wallet, I’d probably already have a seat. But I want to leave the whole thing behind now. ”


Mercedes’ door closed at Vettel for 2021 with yesterdays news Bottas is to race with Mercedes in 2021, but he admits to calling his former Red Bull boss, Dr Helmut Marko.

“I still get on very well with Helmut so I asked him what he advised me to do. But it wasn’t ‘Helmut, do you have a place for me?’. ”

Indeed, while Aston Martin might also be an option, the doors to Red Bull were closed tightly, prompting Vettel to admit: “I have to be quite honest with myself and say ‘Maybe that’s it! ”



One option is a sabbatical.

“Exactly. Anything’s possible right now,” says the 33-year-old. “I don’t see why I should let myself be pressured from the outside.

“If there’s something reasonable, I’m interested, but if there isn’t, then I won’t do it. But I will definitely end the season,” added Vettel.


If Vettel wants to maintain his F1 career in 2021, Gunther Steiner could welcome him to the small American Haas team.

“Vettel is a four-time world champion. Does he really want to work with a smaller team,” says Steiner in Austria.

“I don’t know what he wants to do with his life, but if he wants to do something with us, we are happy to have a good relationship with him,” he added.

Steiner said that the Vettel saga was just the latest surprising twist in the world of Formula One.

“Sometimes three or four teams compete for the same driver, while at other times great drivers are left out, like Nico Hulkenberg a year ago,” he said.

“As for us, I’m not worried that we won’t find any drivers. Vettel is on the market after all! ” he laughs.




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