Vettel & Red Bull talks: Sebastian speaks to the French press

Sebastian Vettel, who is looking for a new seat for the 2021 Formula 1 season, was keen to give his opinion on a possible return to Red Bull.

Sebastian Vettel does not yet know what his future will look like. Indeed, the Scuderia has chosen not to keep the German, replacing him with Carlos Sainz Jr.



For the four-time world champion, the adventure will, therefore, come to an end at the end of the season. But what will happen next? At the age of 33, Vettel hopes to find a place in the Paddock for next season, but a team has to be found in order to do so.


On several occasions, there has been talk of a return to Red Bull. Indeed Vettel was spotted talking to Red Bull, including Mateschitz in the Paddock (in fact he broke COVID-19 ‘bubble’ guidance to do so) which in turn made tongues wag yet again.

Further, the German press over the weekend was fairly convinced that we would see Sebastian return to Red Bull and according to them, along with Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz, Dieterich Matesich instructed Red Bull’s Christian Horner and Helmut Marko to ‘bring Sebastian home’ or words to that effect.


“Yes, I always get along well with them and very well with Helmut (Marko). I just asked him for advice. I’ve never asked him ‘Helmut, do you have a place for me?’ That’s not the way it works,” Sebastian Vettel admitted in an interview reported by France’s NexteGen Auto.

“I have to be quite honest with myself and tell myself that maybe it’s over. Or that I have to leave for a year. Anything is possible for now. I don’t see why I should have pressure from the outside on this. If there’s a reasonable opportunity, I’m interested. If not, I won’t take it. I’m going to finish this season, definitively, and then we’ll see”.




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