Hamilton fooled by fake news, Red Bull’s response

The Red Bull Racing F1 team was keen to respond to the accusations of Lewis Hamilton, who on Wednesday posted a prickly message on social networks to Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s motorsport advisor.

Earlier in the day, Hamilton posted a message on his Instagram account in which he said he was “deeply saddened” that Helmut Marko saw the fight for equality for blacks and people of colour as a distraction from the many messages Hamilton posted after George Floyd’s death in the United States.


what happened to lewis hamilton

The Mercedes driver was actually referring to an interview with Marko given on German television RTL a few days ago, but in which the Austrian never said anything negative about Hamilton’s fight.

These statements attributed to Helmut Marko are nothing more than false information that another media outlet, namely Essentially Sports website, has taken the interview and fabricated Marko’s quotes which finally reached Lewis Hamilton.

Hours after the controversy, and while Lewis Hamilton has since deleted his message from his Instagram account, the Red Bull team confirmed that Helmut Marko had never made such comments.

“RTL confirmed that these statements were never made during the interview. The Essentially Sports website then picked up the article and the corresponding tweet on the site. ” said a Red Bull team spokesperson to RacingNews365.



5 responses to “Hamilton fooled by fake news, Red Bull’s response

  1. Lewis you’re a good driver why not stick to driving and and avoid getting political it’ll never be winning on the political stage ! When you can win motor races

  2. If he cares strongly about something, why wouldn’t he use his platform to call it out and try to affect change, or at least contribute to the debate

    Silence is complicity, after all

    Well done “judge” by the way, for resisting temptation to adopt the usual Hamilton-Bashing

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