McLaren joins Red Bull with pre-race problem

McLaren and Red Bull will not be able to carry out tests with their old Formula 1 cars in preparation for the resumption of the world championship in Austria on the 5th of July.

Tests are prohibited with models from the year 2020 by FIA regulations.

Several teams will take to the track this month with older cars. The Mercedes team are at Silverstone this week with a 2018 W09 Silver Arrow. The tests are designed to help the teams prepare for the season after a three-month break due to Covid-19 and to validate the safety procedures that will be in place during this summer’s races.


“Unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to have a two-year-old car that we could run because of all the powertrain changes we’ve had in recent years,” explained Andreas Seidl,

Seidl’s cars have seen a Honda engine replaced by a Renault and the team has already announced that he will be running a Mercedes in 2021.

Red Bull has a similar problem as it has swapped its Renault engine for a Honda.

“But as you’ve already seen, Lando has been doing karting and free practice (in a Formula 3 car) and we’re going to do the same with Carlos so that the drivers are ready,” added the McLaren manager.


While the team will not be able to prepare on the track, its racing team has been preparing and has been reviewing its working procedures at the factory.

“We re-launched the race team last week, so we are preparing the cars now and trying to go through a lot of procedures and processes in the garage in these new circumstances with all the social distancing and so on,” added Seidl.

Andreas Seidl


“With what we now know about the process that has been described by the FIA and Formula One for the race weekend in Austria, we have more clarity on this point.”

“Of course, we’re also going to do some simulation work with them. While McLaren will not be taking advantage of a day on the track to get in shape, the racing teams have been preparing and reviewing their work procedures at the factory.



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