Penske: F1 returning to Indy

Roger Penske has become the owner of the IndyCar and Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and intends to continue to turn both entities around, plus he has his sights back on Formula 1.

For the former, he is looking to extend the schedule a little:

“We want to add more races to the program,” Penske told Sirius XM.


“I think there’s a balance between ovals, permanent circuits and temporary circuits like Detroit, Long Beach, Toronto, and places like that.” when discussing the Indycar series.

As for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Penske believes there is “an opportunity for an F1 race in 2021, 2022 or 2023,” while F1 has only been going to Austin since 2012 and hasn’t raced at Indianapolis since 2007.

He also spoke about the Indy 500, which is due to be run in August and is to be attended by Fernando Alonso.


Optimism is high for the race to go ahead, especially as the figures for Covid-19 in Indiana are improving.

“We are going to race the Indy 500 in 2020. We’re looking at all aspects [of the race]. We think it was smart to move it, and the good news is the Covid-19 numbers are down, we’re looking at the Indiana numbers daily and it’s positive, so we’ll be running the Indy 500 in August.”




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  1. Why oh why, in a facility that holds 246,000 permanent seats, can’t the governor of Indiana, and ALL involved persons at IMS understand that running the races on the 4th and the 5th of July with spectators in GENERAL ADMISSION mode would benefit all and harm none. The last brickyard 400 Drew 60,000 people. So please, there is plenty a space for social distancing for both Saturday and sunday’s races.
    Unbelievable decision across the board to not run with fans.
    Robert Jennings

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