Brawn: Buyers of Williams F1

Since the news broke that Williams was considering selling significant shares in its business including the Formula 1 team, much speculation has appeared as to who might be interested.

Certainly F1’s technical boss Ross Brawn sincerely believes that there’s interest in the historic racing team from Grove, which “shows that there is a decent model behind it to seriously consider,” according to Indeed, Brawn confirms that he knows of “seriously interested parties” that have already appeared.


It comes as no surprise to hear that Brawn believes that the FIA and FOM pushing through the new rules around the budget cap has averted the worst damage that the Corona virus outbreak might inflict on teams including Williams. But it must be said that Williams has been in serious trouble due to finishing last two seasons on the bounce.


“It’s a team with a fantastic history and I still have a thing for it,” he says.

“But the reality of Formula One is really brutal: You’re measured on the track every two weeks.

“You can’t hide from it, and if you finish last in the championship twice, like the Williams team, there are consequences. And unfortunately, they’ve gotten to that point,” says Brawn.


“Whoever may come must look at the fundamental reasons why they could not perform Whether it’s just finance, the structure or the approach taken. I really don’t know.

“Maybe all that’s really needed is new funding…

“In any case, someone has to come in and understand what’s going on,”  continues Brawn.

“If you perform at this level for many years, you pay the price. You lose sponsors, you don’t get the prize money you’re used to, and it becomes a vicious circle.”


Of couse, Brawn does name the interested parties mentioned earlier in his statements, but according to BILD, sources close to the team have named Canadian billionaire Michael Latifi as potential buyer for Williams, with his son Nicholas having already financed a seat for this 2020 F1 season starting in July.

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