Mercedes adds a layer to a Hamilton-Vettel combination

While there are reports that Sebastian Vettel is being sent to Mercedes for the 2021 Formula 1 season, the German team’s technical director explained that he sees no reason why the association between the German driver and Lewis Hamilton shouldn’t work.

If the start of the Formula 1 season has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an overhaul of the initial calendar and the cancellation of certain races such as the Monaco Grand Prix or the French Grand Prix, the end of this 2020 season could also be marked by a major upheaval.


Indeed, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will come to the end of their contracts with Mercedes at the end of the year, as will Sebastian Vettel who will be replaced at Ferrari by Carlos Sainz Jr. So the big question on the minds of all Formula One fans is: what will the four-time World Champion do next season, and will he join Lewis Hamilton if he stays in his team in place of Valtteri Bottas?

And while Toto Wolff recently confided that he would never close the door on Sebastian Vettel (READ MORE ON THAT HERE), James Allison, the technical director of Mercedes, went even further by saying that the six-time British world champion and the man once nicknamed ‘Baby Schumi’ could without the slightest problem move to the same team.


“They’re professionals, so they’ll figure out how to make it all work.” says Allison,

“We have a very good line-up today. We also have options available to us to get access to other good drivers.

“It’s not easy to see all the stars lining up to guess what’s next. But if that happens, if Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton join forces at Mercedes, then the two guys will figure out how to make it all work.

“Clearly, Lewis is a phenomenal driver and Sebastian Vettel is a four-time world champion, they’re professionals, so they’ll figure out how to make it all work,” said James Allison in a statement reported by




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