Vettel to Mercedes, Hamilton doesn’t like it

The rumour sending Sebastian Vettel to the Mercedes Formula 1 team is beginning to take shape, especially as the name Valtteri Bottas is becoming more and more associated with the Renault team.

According to Italian journalist Giuliano Duchessa, who recently caused a sensation on Twitter, Daimler president Ola Kallenius is allegedly delighted at the prospect of recruiting Sebastian Vettel.

This could help Mercedes increase its popularity worldwide, in addition to being able to field a pair of drivers who alone have 10 Formula One World Championship titles to their name.


The problem is that Lewis Hamilton does not look favourably on the arrival of the four-time world champion in his own back yard, nor does his boss, Toto Wolff, who said last week that he “wants to focus on his two current drivers”.

For the record, since his arrival at the presidency of Daimler in 2019, Ola Kallenius has had a very tense relationship with Toto Wolff, which had fuelled rumours about his departure to Aston Martin.

Kallenius could therefore simply ignore the Austrian’s opinion and even less so that of Lewis Hamilton, especially as their respective contracts expire at the end of this year and have not yet been renewed.

We will no doubt know a little more about this in the days and weeks to come…



4 responses to “Vettel to Mercedes, Hamilton doesn’t like it

  1. All of these rumours are being fuelled by Mercedes purely to aid them in their negotiations on Hamilton’s next contract. Lewis will not allow a driver of Vettel’s ability to drive alongside him. He will insist on having a reliable ‘wingman’ like dear old Valtteri.

  2. Up ahead Vettel will offer himself for “free”. It remindes me os Senna situation in 93 when he wanted to drive for Williams Renault

  3. Lewis has had 3 word champions as teammates. He finished aboe a 2xwd in 2007 he finished above the 2009 champion 2-1 over 3 seasons and has seen off the 2016 champion 3-1 over 4 seasons. Not to mention 2017-18 whenFerrari had the better car. Why woud Lewis fear Vettel the sinner.

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