Todt explains Ferrari’s missing ingredient

Jean Todt was asked about the missing ingredient in Ferrari’s recipe to return to the level it was at when the Frenchman was at the head of the F1 team in the early 2000s.

And according to him, what is missing is the ability of the whole team to stand together behind its leaders.

“The result, good or bad, can always be explained,” Todt told Sky Sports.


“Together with Michael, with the whole Ferrari team, we’ve had so much success because we’ve been very united, very strong, we’ve supported each other, especially in the tough times rather than the better times.”

“It’s easy to be together when things are going well but you know a good captain when the sea is very rough. And when that was the case, we were all in the same boat and I think that’s what made the difference.”


Todt also indicated that he was not pessimistic about Vettel’s future.

“Sebastian Vettel is one of the greatest talents in motorsport. It has been announced that he will not drive for the team beyond 2020. There are many other opportunities. We can only wish him the best and I think so. Whoever takes him will be very lucky,” he said.

He also added to underline the German’s talent: “He is clearly one of the drivers who, with a good car, can win championships. When Michael arrived in 1996, he only managed to win three races – not because he wasn’t motivated, but because he simply didn’t have the car to become world champion.”

“Slowly we built the car and built the team that made it possible, so it’s a combination. Take Lewis Hamilton, if he can’t drive a car that can win, he can’t be world champion. You saw him with Fernando Alonso, you saw him with Vettel. It makes sense.”



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