Breaking news update on Spa

The Belgian government gave the go-ahead to hold the Formula 1 Belgian GP behind closed doors at the end of August.

RTBF reported on Friday morning that the Belgian government has given its green light for the Belgian Grand Prix to be held behind closed doors at Spa-Francorchamps at the end of August.


The organisers of the Belgian Grand Prix have received an agreement in principle and the race could take place as planned on August 30, but only behind closed doors.

There are now a few details to be settled by the organisers, who will not be able to bear all the costs due to the absence of spectators and therefore revenue from ticket sales.

Naturally, this information is to be taken with great caution, because no one is in a position to say what exactly will happen in the coming weeks with the coronavirus epidemic. A second wave of the outbreak could indeed bring the situation into question.

Negotiations are therefore currently under way between the organisers of the Belgian GP and F1 and if the 2020 season comes, the Belgian Grand Prix will be held behind closed doors.

F1 would like to start its 2020 season in Austria in July with two races on the Red Bull Ring track at Spielberg, while the teams would then head for Silverstone, then possibly Hungary, Germany, Belgium and Italy, before heading to Asia, the Americas and the Gulf countries.




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