Vettel McLaren update, drive now goes to Ricciardo – Vettel Hamilton team mates?

Earlier this morning, we reported on Ralf Bach’s article in Germany’s Autobild and F1-Insider on the deal struck between Mclaren and Sebastian Vettel

It has since been learnt this afternoon that reports published today by various news outlets on Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo securing the McLaren Mercedes drive in 2021 are indeed true.


Ralf Bach has communicated this change on Sebastian Vettel declining the deal at McLaren in favour of a huge gamble to secure a drive at Mercedes, replacing Valtteri Bottas. Sebastian not wishing to suffer 1 or 2 more years of development driving with McLaren before potentially driving a winning car.

Should Vettel’s gamble pay off, we could see an incredible lineup in Sebastian Vettel driving a Mercedes partnered with Lewis Hamilton.

Should it not pay off, retirement for the German?


According to Bach: 

“Vettel’s former teammate from Red Bull does not want to stay with Renault after two years and is said to have offered himself to McLaren.

“Ricciardo will replace the Spaniard Carlos Sainz with the British, who is to be announced as Vettel’s successor at Ferrari in the next few days , as first reported.”



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