Imola replacing Chinese Grand Prix

The Italian track, out of the F1 calendar since 2006, according to the Gazzetta dello Sport could be a candidate with the FIA if there was the will to replace the Chinese GP (and possibly the Vietnam GP) with another race.

Sources state there is a show of interest, with a letter addressed to the FIA and put forward by the Imola Circuit, aimed at hosting a possible Formula 1 Grand Prix in case the one scheduled in China or the one in Vietnam (also at risk for the spread of the Coronavirus) should not happen.


The intention is obviously there and for now would only be a proposal depending on the possibility that the Formula 1 calendar could be modified.

It is clear that Imola would have to be prepared, thus taking time and so the dates for this proposal would differ from those set for China and Vietnam. Certainly two essential measures will be needed: the first concerns the restructuring of some parts of the circuit in order to bring every last detail into line; the second would be the support of a strong sponsor and also of the Region.

Liberty, for various reasons, will do everything possible to put Shanghai back on the calendar, even at the cost of extending the calendar beyond December 1st and does not exclude a World Championship with only 21 races, so this 2nd Italian GP would seem fairly unlikely at this stage.




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  1. Realistically there is only 1 slot that Liberty Media could use to reschedule the Chinese GP for a race in China.. That would be in between Italy and Singapore. Adding it at the end of the season doesn’t work as Abu Dhabi pays a premium to get the last race and testing. And Liberty isn’t going to refund them millions.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s Imola or the season gets reduced to 21 races.

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