Photo’s of Schumacher after accident, sold on the black market

Six years after Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident, the mystery is still unsolved as to the true state of health of the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion.

Photos of the driver were allegedly taken without his knowledge and then sold for an exorbitant sum according to the British tabloid The Mirror.

Despite repeated assurances from Schumacher’s family that the driver’s condition would be kept secret and in the privacy of the family, it appears that leaks were orchestrated. According to the British tabloid The Mirror on Tuesday, photos of Schumacher taken at his Swiss home were sold on the black market for an exorbitant price (around 1.17 million euros).


The family is reported to have contacted the authorities to take action against the offender, who has reportedly been identified. But the identity of this man has not been leaked.

In the meantime, a “leading” neurosurgeon based in Bologna claims that the Formula One world champion is hardly recognisable. The various treatments he underwent would not have helped his condition.

“It must be understood that he is a very different person from the one we knew on the track, with a very altered and deteriorated organs, muscular and skeletal structures,” Nicola Acciari told the Italian newspaper Contro Copertina.

“All this is due to the trauma he has suffered.”

Since the ski fall that plunged him into a long coma and could have cost him his life in 2013, Michael Schumacher’s health has been the subject of suppositions and rumours.

Professor Menasché, who took charge of the champion at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital in September 2019, had neither confirmed nor refuted the information published in Le Parisien that Schumacher may have been conscious.

No further news had filtered in until this enigmatic message from his wife, Corinna. She had expressed herself through a Facebook page called Keep Fighting Michael, a tribute to the former Formula One driver: “Big things always start with small steps,” she wrote.

“Many small stones can form a huge mosaic. Together, we are stronger.”




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