Spotted: Hamilton driving a McLaren yesterday

Spotted just yesterday in Beverley Hills (USA), Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton was seen driving a McLaren F1 supercar – the legendary car designed by Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray in the 1990’s.

It’s unknown to TJ13 whether he actually owns the vehicle, but chances are that he doesn’t. Hamilton is known to own an extensive collection of exotic cars, including a McLaren P1.

Hamilton given some details on his personal car collection. His first car was a used Mini Cooper, soon followed by a Mercedes-Benz C200.


Both have long since been replaced by a pair of original Shelby Cobras, a 1967 Shelby GT500, a Ferrari 599 SA Aperta, two LaFerraris (a red coupe and a white Aperta), a McLaren P1 and a Pagani Zonda 760 equipped with a manual transmission. All in, Hamilton has about 15 cars split between homes in Monaco and Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, he has a Mercedes-AMG Project One.

Click on the image gallery below to see Lewis Hamilton’s known car collection.




Stroll & Wolff takeover: Mercedes becomes Aston Martin?

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