Red Bull boss critical of team: “no more excuses”

Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko takes his F1 team to task – “No more excuses” – Red Bull wants more than five wins.

“I expect at least five victories”, Red Bull motorsport consultant Helmut Marko had announced before the last Formula 1 season. In the end, there were “only” three thanks to Max Verstappen’s victories in Spielberg, Hockenheim and Sao Paulo.


But in 2020, the promised five race wins must now be achieved if you want to have a chance of winning the World Championship title.

“We want to fight for the WRC and to do so we know that we have to be competitive from the chassis right from the start, i.e. from the very first race,” the Austrian told “”.

This has always been Red Bull’s major weakness in recent years: it was only during the course of the year that they were able to catch up with their rivals in terms of performance.

Now the attack is to follow in Melbourne as early as 2020, and because engine partner Honda has also proven that it can provide material capable of winning, Red Bull has a duty: “Honda has good increases for next year. And since everything has been fulfilled so far, we assume that this will happen. That means we have no more excuses, in plain English.”

Marko knows that his team must deliver “an absolutely complete and compact package” if you want to have a chance against Mercedes. The Silver Arrows are dreaming of their seventh consecutive title double and are now in the top position for the Austrian not only because of their engine. “In the meantime, they have built up an incredibly strong team and also chassis,” he praises.

Nevertheless, he believes that Red Bull will have a good chance of winning the title in 2020. He doesn’t want to be pinned down on how many victories the racing team will clinch in the coming season. “I think it will have to be more than five.”


Christan Horner is more bullish about the team’s prospects explaining “it could be a real classic season” involving Red Bull fighting at the front from the start.

“We’ve got continuity across all aspects of next year with drivers, with regulations, with engine supply, engine regulation,” Horner told

“So unless somebody pulls a rabbit out of a hat, then I think we’re set for a really exciting year next year between, Mercedes, Ferrari, ourselves.

“And it could be a real classic season.”


Horner goes on to explain why the team keeps starting their seasons slowly, indirectly blaming FIA tweaks to regulation. Last year, the simplified front wing was publicly critised by Red Bull repeatedly as a waste of time and money, solving nothing. Certainly, the new front wing hindered the 2019 Red Bull at the start of the season.

“I mean, if I look back to 2017, we had a fantastic car at the start of the year, we should have been on the front row in Melbourne, we won the second race in China,” said Horner.

“We had a very, very competitive car, the beginning of ‘17. And again, that was with stability of regulations, and I think we have that again from 2019 into ‘20.

“You can’t gauge what others are doing. But hopefully, theoretically, the Melbourne [‘20] car will be an upgrade on the Abu Dhabi [‘19] car.” concludes Horner.



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