Grosjean spills beans on Haas’ terrible season

After a good season in 2018, Haas F1 team fell apart in the 2019 season – And Romain Grosjean thinks he knows what caused the American team’s disastrous year.

For Haas, there is nothing positive to remember from the season that ended in early December. Romain Grosjean’s American team had a disastrous year, marked by numerous driver retirements and performances well below expectations.

In the Manufacturers’ championship, Haas finished only ninth, a real disappointment for a team that had finished fifth in 2018. And while some have long pointed the finger at the quality of Pirelli tyres, Romain Grosjean believes that these are not the real problem and believes that this nightmare year is actually due to the car.


“The car was no good from day one.”

“To be honest, I don’t think tyres have been our problem at any time this season. It’s just that our car was not competitive enough and that the blame was put on the tyres.” says Grosjean.

“It was very difficult to bring them up in temperature. Why at this point when nine other teams, say rather eight, did it very well?

“The car was not good from the first day and its weaknesses gradually appeared. We just didn’t identify them in time. So the tyres weren’t the problem.

“They are generally so at first, but this was not our main concern this year, ” explains Grosjean


Team boss Guenther Steiner concurs with Grosjean admitting:

“I think in no way can I attribute our not-so-good season to them, and therefore we stayed with the same driver pairing,

“I think we need to be honest and say they couldn’t have done better with the car.”


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