Verstappen receives a warning for next season – ‘gap will be closed’

Team-mate of Max Verstappen at Red Bull, Alex Albon intends to worry the Dutchman next season.

Alex Albon has had a turbulent year. Indeed, Red Bull did not hesitate to shake up its hierarchy by demoting Pierre Gasly to Toro Rosso in order to make room for Alexander Albon.


And the British born Thai driver from Essex has dished out some impressive performances since Red Bull decided to renew the Verstappen/Albon pairing for 2020. From now on, the 23-year-old driver intends to worry Max Verstappen more…

“The goal is to close the gap between Max and me.”

“I learned not to listen too much to what is being said outside the team, to do my own thing and to focus on myself.

“Formula 1 is a team sport but you must approach your driving at an individual level. I have to ask myself where I need to improve.

“And I have to approach the free practice in a more relaxed way, trying not to over-drive. We had a glimpse of it in Brazil.

“I want to build on this this winter and come back stronger next year. I need to be aware of where I am.

“I have only one year of F1 behind me, less than half a season with the team. But the goal is to close the gap between Max and me.

“I feel that 2020 will be a little more normal for me. This year, it was my first time in F1 and, frankly, it wasn’t too normal,” explains Alex Albon

Albon has had a remarkable season considering he wasn’t even in Formula 1 a year ago and this year awarded rookie of the year at the FIA postseason gala.



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