Verstappen: “60% of grid would be Champions…” & Alonso opinions

When asked about Mercedes, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen responded that he thought 60 percent of the drivers would’ve been F1 world champions, including himself of course.

“I’m confident enough to say that it would have been the same if I’d been sitting in that car,” says the Dutchman when describing the utter dominance in Formula 1 the Mercedes team has enjoyed since the start of the hybrid era.


Verstappen was interviewed recently by Ziggo Sport, the Dutch broadcaster.

When asked for an opinon on Hamilton’s five titles in six years with Mercedes, a definite backhanded compliment was made saying:

“He’s definitely very good and he’s one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time,

“But you can beat him,” says Verstappen.

“60 percent of the drivers in the field would become world champions in a Mercedes,” he adds, including friend and McLaren rookie Lando Norris.


More from the ‘wonder kid’ Verstappen is his opinion on Fernando Alonso, and his possible return – whether he’d would like to see the 38-year-old Spaniard back in F1. Quoted on the official Formula 1 website, Verstappen says that it would be a waste of time unless he returned to a competitive team.

“It would be good to see him… if he could come back, but only in a competitive car, otherwise I think it’s just a waste of time for him. But I think he knows that himself, so…” said Verstappen




4 responses to “Verstappen: “60% of grid would be Champions…” & Alonso opinions

    • I highly doubt. Just compare Bottas and Hamilton. If Bottas was Mercedes top driver, he probably wouldn’t have won anything, or maybe one title, just barely. There is no doubt that Hamilton is the top driver of the decade. Verstappen should probably shut his loud mouth. Lewis in his position at Red Bull certainly would have won far more pole positions than one or two of Verstappen.

    • Please, to win title, to win title Rosberg had to beat Hamilton, which is quite a feat. Moreover, Rosberg was far better than what people give him credit for. First, he made beat and made seven time world champion Schummy retire after the 2010-12 stint. In 2013, Rosberg managed to win more races than Hamilton, and in 2014 he seriously gave Lewis a good competition. It really is a tragedy that Rosberg retired so early, leaving Hamilton no real competition. Bottas is indeed far weaker, and I bet Vettel in a Ferrari would chew him up.

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