Hamilton reacts to comparisons with Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton was invited to talk about the upcoming record of 7 Formula One Championships won by Michael Schumacher – The British driver has this target in his sights next.

Lewis Hamilton, who won his 6th Formula 1 title, has made a further impact on the history of his sport. The Mercedes driver was invited by the BBC as a nominee in the British Sports Category of the Year. Although he did not win the award, Lewis Hamilton approached Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 wins in the F1 Championship.


And the British driver has still not got used to the idea of fighting historically with such a legend, so he claims.

“You know, honestly, I don’t look at records. I just remember that when I was a kid at Stevenage, I used to watch Michael Schumacher win titles, so it’s really really surreal, even today, to see my name mentioned in the same sentence as his…

“It is a real honour and my family is really proud of it.

“So many people inspire me here in the UK, in the public, so many athletes, women and men, who do great things,” said Hamilton during the BBC Sports Personality of the year awards.

Hamilton finished second for the second year in a row, losing out to cricketer Ben Stokes.

Hamilton was announced as the runner-up for the award at the end of the prize-giving, receiving his trophy via video link while attending a family function, obviously been given the heads up he wasn’t in the frame for the win prior to the event.



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  1. “obviously been given the heads up he wasn’t in the frame for the win prior to the event.”

    How is that possible given it was a public vote on the night?
    You cant surely be suggesting that polls and votes in the UK are anything other than honest and with integrity?

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