How Ecclestone would push through the new F1 rules

The new Formula 1 regulations for 2021 are entering the last phase – The new rules are to be finalised and presented in October 2019, much later than originally planned.

The former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, aka ‘Mr E’ certainly cannot understand this delay, and therefore advises his successor in office Chase Carey to take drastic measures. 


At the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi organised by one of his closest friends, a Mr V Putin, Ecclestone explained his approach to “auto motor und sport”:

“Make a deal with Ferrari and Red Bull. Then you put the pistol on the others’ chest and say: ‘Eat or die!”

In fact, during his time as Formula 1 boss, Ecclestone operated with such methods. For example, in 2004/2005, when manufacturers and teams threatened to set up a rival series. Ecclestone baited Ferrari with bonus payments as well as a veto right that is still valid today, which marked the beginning of the end of the opposition to Formula 1.

In fact, Ecclestone once laid the foundations for modern Formula 1 when – similarly consistently – he first went to war with the FIA in 1978 as chairman of the FOCA constructors’ association and then bought the TV rights and marketed them on his own. This began the rise of Formula 1 to world sport, and Ecclestone himself became a billionaire.

During the life of the former ‘ringmaster’, controversies repeatedly arose, such as the 2013 bribery scandal over the sale of Formula 1 shares, which was heard by the Munich Regional Court in 2014. However, no verdict was reached after Ecclestone had made a payment of around 75 million euros to ‘make it go away’.

Following the acquisition of Formula 1 by Liberty Media in 2016, Ecclestone lost his position as Managing Director of the Formula 1 Group in January 2017, but continues to be seen in individual races in the paddock – as recently in Sochi.

So still good for a few column inches from time to time.



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