Ferrari engine, & the allegations that would make it illegal

With this article we don’t want to go into the merits of the truthfulness or not of the accusations made against the Ferrari engine. The intention, however, is to clarify that, if these accusations were confirmed, the irregularity of the engine of the SF90 would be obvious.

These days, articles of accusations and counter-accusations of all kinds have been bounced off the press and the web. Those who say Mercedes’ allegations to Ferrari that they were unable to build an engine like the Italians, plus of course those who accuse the FIA of turning a blind eye to Ferrari with the historical bias.


On the part of the Italian press, however, there is a common front. A defence of their brand, no matter the grey areas of which they are possibly operating in.

According to the rumours that have been circulating for some time, Maranello’s engineers have allegedly found a way to introduce oil into the combustion chamber through the use of the intercooler, thus enriching the mixture and obtaining more power.

This would happen, always according to anonymous sources, exploiting a porosity of the intercooler and that only at certain pressures (the highest) would be able to pass oil into the intake and then into the combustion chamber.


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The oil would not be the engine oil – regulated by a specific and limited consumption – but that of cooling the rotating parts of the turbocharger.

This special system would be ingenious and practically impossible to discover, since there is in fact no pipe or injector but it would exploit, as mentioned, the porosity of the coils of the intercooler.

All fantastic, ingenious and functional, there is no doubt that, from our point of view, the existence of an article in the technical regulation that prohibits any introduction of substances other than fuel and air for combustion is bypassed.

This would, in fact, be enough to make the engine of the Ferrari SF90 clearly illegal if the existence of this system were actually recognised.

TJ13 does not want in any way to confirm or deny the use of this system but only to highlight as if, in the case this was used, its total illegality.




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