A driver is ready to take control away


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How did I do for the last Grand Prix?

I guess it’s a win; a driver we thought was on his way out showing what he’s made of, getting a second chance.

Sunday is the day after a new moon in Libra, a time to grow. Look at the road ahead, see how far you’ve come but take it easy, and take a good look at what you need to do to get going. Moon squaring Saturn can see a lack of self worth, being weighed down with responsibility.





What can we expect to see at the Russian Grand Prix?

Mood for the weekend – Six of Swords

What to look out for – Four of Coins

Outcome – Eight of Spears 


Mood for the weekend: Six of Swords

On the card, Arya Stark is being rowed to the House of Black and White by the captain of the ship she sailed to Braavos on. In the background is the Titian of Braavos, according to legend he will stride into the sea and defend Braavos from attack.

The suit of Swords represents the element of Air; this shows logic, communication and challenges.

The essence of this card is sailing into calmer waters. It’s been a rough few weeks for a number of teams and drivers, Mercedes dropping the ball in Singapore, Lewis not having a win in 3 races, Seb making so many mistakes, Charles feeling he’d been shafted in Singapore, Red Bull and Max off the boil in a few races now.

This card is saying it’s time to pick up the pieces and move on. You may also feel an unknown hand guiding you (as shown by the Titan of Braavos) a guardian looking after you, don’t fight this unknown hand, it is there to help you. It’s been tough but you’re now feeling able to cope a bit better, so things are looking up (Merc, Lewis, Valtteri, Seb, Charles, all of them or none, who knows).


What to look out for: Four of Coins

On the card, the head of the Iron Bank of Braavos sits in his chamber, his hands rest on two gold coins with two interlocking triangles that make a shape like an hourglass, the other two are above him.

The suit of coins represents the element of earth, which shows us family, career, money, the material world and the actual earth.

This is a card of caution; it’s also a card of possessiveness, penny pinching and control. We’re at the point in the season where caution and control are rife, Mercedes, for example, are close to the point of winning both championships, again, the need to be cautious, make sure they stay in control and not do anything silly (pay attention Toto, Don’t. Do. Anything. Silly) They also need to control the next few races to make sure they are not caught out, Ferrari’s resurgence has caused some worry so this may cause them to look more closely at what others are doing, upgrade wise.


Outcome: Eight of Spears

On the card, eight spears, decorated with snakes can be seen flying over the Sand Snakes camp in Dorne.

The suit of Spears or Wands represents the element of fire, which in turn shows us, passion, pizzazz, self-will and creativity.

This card is all about speed, yes I know, I know, ironic isn’t it. However, quick action is needed, split second decisions need to be made, striking while the iron is hot and all those clichés. What this card is saying is, don’t wait for permission, if you see an opportunity take it because it may not be there for long and you may not get the opportunity again, don’t think, act. The previous cards are about control this card is the flip side, there is only so much you can control, someone will see an opportunity and take it and there will be nothing you can do about it.

And beware of three girls armed with whips, daggers and spears; they’re out to kill you.



This is a reading of control; so many people need to be in control of this race, protecting their places in the championship, their points, their reputation and their prize money. However, the flip side is, there is only so much you can control, the Eight of Spears are saying that an opportunity to upset this control can come at a moment’s notice, so you have to be quick off the mark to grab hold of this opportunity, because it won’t be around for long.





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